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September 25, 2015 · 1 comment

It’s MCM Scotland Comic Con weekend and we decided we get the ball rolling a day early with the first of our announcements for the weekend. We’re delighted to announce that we (Anime Limited) have licensed the series The Rolling Girls. It’s a very timely announcement as WIT Studio’s Kotomi Deai, the Director of the series, and Hiroshi Shimizu, Mechanical Designer for the series, are in attendance at MCM Scotland Comic Con this weekend.

©2015 The Rolling Girls Production Committee
©2015 The Rolling Girls Production Committee

Gun your engines and get ready for the full-throttle adventure of The Rolling Girls, the first original anime from WIT Studio, the studio that brought you Attack on Titan, HAL and Seraph Of The End!

In the wake of the Great Tokyo War, Japan, as the world once knew it, no longer exists. What remains is a fragmented network of independent nations ruled by heroes known as Bests. Each Best commands an army made of the Rest as they seek to conquer anyone in their path. Enter Nozomi, Yukina, Ai, and Chiaya. These four intrepid and adorable girls are ordered by their Best to travel across the country by motorcycle, keeping a watchful eye on the field of battle wherever they encounter violence between warring nations!

“The Rolling Girls is a very interesting project and one I’ve had my eye on since it was first brought to my attention” says Andrew Partridge, President of Anime Limited. “There were many elements that got that my attention but a few I’d like to specifically put focus on are that it’s WIT Studio’s first original anime. It also has a Kotomi Deai as the director, who has previously directed Silver Spoon and also co-directed Kids On The Sope; I’m big fans of both shows. Knowing she was at the helm combined with the fact the series is what I would describe as Mad Max meets K-On!! with elements of Kill la Kill, what’s not to love?”

We can confirm the series will be receiving a UK Blu-ray and DVD release in 2016. More details on this will be forthcoming.

You can watch some Japanese previews of the show below.

Stay tuned over this weekend as we’ll have some more details to share with you!

Signing out~!


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    September 25, 2015 7:50 pm

    School-Live!, Shoukugeki no Soma(Food Wars), Prison School and Overlord next please!


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