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August 25, 2017 · 3 comments

With Your Name back in cinemas this week, including for the first-time in IMAX – which you can still book tickets for additional screenings that have been added HERE – we know a lot of you have been wondering for a while what the plans for our home video release are.

It’s been a long time since we last made a specific post about this but the time is now tell you about our release!

So, here’s what you need to know –


In total there will be four different versions available to purchase. Three of these will be available trade wide – meaning available at all retailers, the other won’t be (more on that in a moment.)

Standard DVD – This will be a single DVD in a regular sized DVD amaray case.
Standard Blu-ray – This will be a single Blu-ray in a regular sized amaray case.
Ltd Collector’s Edition – This will be a special Steelbook that will include the DVD disc, the Blu-ray disc AND the CD soundtrack of the film made by RADWIMPS. (This is a limited edition product that will only be available strictly while stock lasts.)

“Ltd Deluxe Edition” – Please note, we’re unable to confirm details regarding this version as it is still in the approvals stage. But as soon as everything is signed off, we’ll share details accordingly. This is an item that will not be available trade wide. It’s entirely possible this will be an exclusive release, but in addition may also be exclusive to another retailer too. That’s not 100% set in stone as details are still being finalised.

UPDATE, 15TH SEPT 2017 – We have now announced details of our Ltd Deluxe Edition version. Please click on link below for info.


With the above in mind, here is what the standard DVD and standard Blu-ray versions will look like –

Here is what the Ltd Collector’s Edition Steelbook version will look like –

Ltd Collector's Edition Steelbook Version [NOTE: Image updated on 15th Sept. to reflect updated disc art]
Ltd Collector’s Edition Steelbook Version [NOTE: Image updated on 15th Sept. to reflect updated disc art]

PLEASE NOTE – Re: Deluxe Edition [as of 25th August 2017]

When it comes to the Ltd Deluxe Edition, we’re still in the process of getting this 100% signed off. Until everything is completely signed off we’re unable to elaborate on details of this version. However we can say that this version will not be available trade wide. As mentioned above, it’s entirely possible this will be an exclusive release, but in addition may also be exclusive to another retailer too. That’s not 100% set in stone as details are still being finalised. So please stay tuned for updates on this.

We hope to be able to show the design and contents of this version soon, but please know we are very excited about what we have in mind for this Deluxe Edition! We’re confident the price point and contents will be very much to your liking too 🙂


UPDATE, 15TH SEPT 2017 – We have now announced details of our Ltd Deluxe Edition version. Please click on link below for info.



On every version of our home video release of Your Name, Blu-ray and DVD on-disc content is identical. On the discs will be –

  • The Main Feature
    • Viewable in the following language options –
      • Japanese language (with English subtitles) with the Japanese version of the soundtrack by RADWIMPS
      • English language with the English version of the soundtrack by RADWIMPS

UPDATE, 15TH SEPT. 2017 – After hearing lots of feedback from fans about the language options we are happy to announce we are working towards including an additional audio option of English language with the Japanese version of the soundtrack by RADWIMPS, as was screened in UK cinemas.

  • On-disc extras are
    • Makoto Shinkai Filmography
    • Special TV Program
    • Trailers


The CD Soundtrack, included in the Ltd Collector’s Edition Steelbook, not included in the standard DVD and Blu-ray versions, has the following tracks –

  1. Dream Lantern
  2. School Road
  3. Itomori Highschool
  4. First View of Tokyo
  5. Café at Last
  6. Theme of Ms. Okudera
  7. Unusual Changes of Two
  8. Zenzenzense (Movie Version)
  9. Goshintai
  10. Date
  11. Autumn Festival
  12. Evoking Memories
  13. Visit to Hida
  14. Disappeared Town
  15. Library
  16. The Night Inn
  17. Again to Goshintai
  18. Kuchikamizake Trip
  19. Council of War
  20. Persuading Mayor
  21. Theme of Mitsuha
  22. Unseen Two
  23. Kawawaredoki
  24. Sparkle (Movie Version)
  25. Date 2
  26. Nandemonaiya (Movie Edit)
  27. Nandemonaiya (Movie Version)



The release date for the Ltd Collector’s Edition Steelbook, standard DVD and standard Blu-ray versions will be MONDAY 6TH NOVEMBER 2017.

You can pre-order this right now from the likes of Amazon UK, Zavvi, Anime-On-Line, and nearer the time of release you’ll be able to order it from our web shop too.

PRE-ORDER AT AMAZON Pre-order at Zavvi PRE-ORDER AT ANIME-ON-LINE web shop listings

The release period of the Deluxe Edition will be early December. The reason it’s slightly later is simply due to production times in being able to get it ready. As mentioned above, more details on this will be forthcoming soon.


Will you be doing a 4K/UHD Blu-ray release of this?
As things stand, no. This is because it is incredibly cost prohibitive to be able to create a 4K/UHD Blu-ray master versus the demand for that format in the United Kingdom. Now we should stress, this isn’t to say we’ll never release one because circumstances can change. But as much as we’d love to do so, at time of writing (August 2017) we do not have plans to release a 4K/UHD Blu-ray of Your Name.

— Can you not include the English language soundtrack CD with your release as well?
In short, no. This is for a number of reasons but one of the primary reasons is that it would have increased the overall price of our release.

— When will you take pre-orders for the Ltd Deluxe Edition?
We will be taking pre-orders for our Deluxe Edition of Your Name closer to the date of release itself. This is standard procedure when it comes to pre-ordering titles at our web shop. Please stay tuned to all of our channels for details as it becomes available to order.

— When we can expect to hear about your “Deluxe Edition” version?
Simply put, we won’t be able to confirm everything relating to this until it is 100% signed off and approved. As we mention above, this will definitely be getting released after the other versions are available. At best, we estimate it would be a December release. Please stay tuned to our channels for updates on this as we can bring them.

UPDATE, 15TH SEPT. 2017 – As noted above, details on the Ltd Deluxe Edition have been announced. PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS.


— You previously mentioned that you were planning to include multiple versions of the movie with various soundtrack options, why is this not the case now?
It is true that a long time we mentioned that we were set to include multiple audio options in our release, however this is a case where plans have to change. So this is why the language options included for the film are Japanese with English subtitles (feat. the Japanese version of the soundtrack) and in English (with the English language version soundtrack.) But you still get to watch the film in two different ways and experience both language soundtracks as well.

For those unaware, the band who recorded the soundtrack to the film, RADWIMPS, re-recorded the songs in English, hence the mention of an “English language version soundtrack”.

UPDATE, 15th Sept. – As noted earlier in this post, we are now working to include the English language with Japanese version of soundtrack by RADWIMPS as an audio to option to watch the film with.

[NOTE: This F.A.Q. will be updated as required. Information above correct as of 15th September 2017. Latest updated highlighted accordingly above.]

And that concludes this post! we hope you’re excited about being able to add Your Name. to your anime collection in November!

Signing out~!



List of updates to this post –

15th Sept 2017 – Ltd Collector’s Ed. Steelbook visual update, Language options on film updated, Ltd Deluxe Ed. details announced, FAQ updated accordingly


  • Avatar for Alex


    August 25, 2017 3:25 pm

    Some great info so far, looking forward to the release. Just curious to know if you're looking at selling some copies early at MCM London October Comic Con?

  • Avatar for Kieran


    August 28, 2017 8:05 am

    Please don't make this exclusive, your shipping prices are too much. :(

  • Avatar for Matt


    September 1, 2017 10:20 am

    Good to see the final details but it's disappointing to see you've dropped the English with Japanese soundtrack option, it's a shame to know that the english version we all saw in the cinema going to be lost.


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