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We know a lot of you have been waiting patiently for this and today we are happy to announce that you can pre-order Gundam The Origin IV: Eve of Destiny Blu-ray Collector’s Edition [Export Version] from our web shop now until 12pm (UK) on Monday 10th October 2016.

If you’re not familiar with the Gundam Origin releases, please note these are NOT Anime Limited/AllTheAnime releases. Gundam Origin IV Blu-ray Collector’s Edition [Export Version] is a Japanese product from Bandai Visual in Japan. We have partnered with them to give fans in the UK, Ireland and Scandinavian countries the opportunity to order the Blu-ray Collector’s Edition [Export Version] from us, taking in account that you won’t have to pay customs charges and that delivery via the courier UPS is included in the price! Read on below for more details on this set.


GOR_OVA04_main visualGundam Origin IV: Eve of Destiny
Synopsis: After the Dawn Rebellion, Char travels to Earth and meets a girl with mysterious powers named Lalah Sune.

Meanwhile, Amuro’s father Tem Ray is working on the RX-78 development project. Learning of the defection of Doctor Minovsky, a key figure in Zeon mobile suit development, he heads for the moon. History’s first battle between mobile suits unfolds in the twilight zone of the lunar surface.

Then comes Universal Century 0079. Side 3, the space city furthest from the Earth, launches a war of independence against the Earth Federation government under the name of the Principality of Zeon.

An era of violent upheaval begins, in which half of the total human population will be killed!



NOTE: Only the main feature on the disc has English language options available. All other content in this product are in Japanese only.

  • Storage box illustrated by Yoshikazu Yasuhiko (32.8cm x 32.8cm)
  • Storyboards & setting art book (300 pages planned)
  • Illustration sheet of the storage box illustration by Yasuhiko (planned to be box-sized)
  • Cell & Line art illustrations book (10 pages planned)
  • Sleeve (O-card) illustrated by Yasuhiko
  • Booklet featuring comic text by Yasuhiko (32 pages planned)
  • Special booklet (12 pages planned)

By pre-ordering this you will also receive a piece of the film as well. (This is an additional item that is exclusive to the Bandai Visual Club in Japan.)


On-Disc content:

  • The Main Feature, Gundam Origin IV.
  • Staff & cast audio commentary,
  • PV & TV-Commercial
  • Video of the salutations on stage at the screening of Episode 3.


Provisional visuals below. (Design not final and subject to change.)

You can watch a trailer for this below.


We are taking pre-orders for this right now at our web shop until Monday 10th October. Should the be any units remaining once all orders have been fulfilled they will be available to order at

Shipping information + F.A.Q.

  • The deadline to pre-order this by is 12pm (UK) on Monday 10th October 2016.
  • We expect delivery of stock to be between mid-late November 2016.
  • Please note the price of £79.99 for the pre-order is taking into account recent fluctuations in exchange rates.
  • Delivery via UPS is included as part of the price of ordering. Due to the nature of the product, this will ONLY be shipped via UPS and a signature will be required on delivery.
  • Payment for the product will be taken within 24-48 hours of the pre-order being placed.
  • To reiterate this is a Japanese product we’re making available for fans in UK, Ireland and Scandinavian fans to pre-order, this is not an Anime Limited produced release. (This is why a lot of the content is Japanese only.)
  • We can only fulfil orders of this product to UK, Ireland and Scandinavian countries. Orders from anywhere outside of those destinations will be cancelled.
  • Any orders Scandinavian orders for this product placed at our web shop will be only fulfilled by the UPS courier service. Please note there will be an additional international shipping surcharge. The cost of this will be added during the checkout process.
  • Please note if you live in France or Belguim you will need to order yours through the site.
  • The piece of the film that will be included is only available to those who pre-order this. Should there be any additional units remaining after pre-orders have been fulfilled, this bonus item will not be included.


You can pre-order your copy today from our web shop HERE.

Signing out~!


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