Anime Limited to release popular anime series Nermia Daikon Brothers on DVD for the UK

September 18, 2013 · 0 comments

Glasgow, UK September 09, 2013 Anime Limited, the Glasgow-based anime licensing company and parent company of All the Anime, are pleased to announce the release of the musical comedy anime series Nerima Daikon Brothers on DVD for the first time in the UK.

A hilariously original anime series loved for it’s send up of popular film and television tropes, Nerima Daikon Brothers stand out as a real innovator in the industry. It follows the exploits of brothers Hideki and Ichiro and their cousin Mako who are by day Daikon farmers, and by night nourish their dream of building a giant stadium to realise their destiny: to play sold out arenas! In order to fund this dream, they… acquire funding by taking out some bad guys and appropriating their cash.

Originally aired in 2006, Nerima Daikon Brothers heavily satirises anime, prominent people and groups in Japan. Drawing influence from other musical comedies (a rarity in the industry) such as The Blues Brothers and Bollywood musicals, Nerima Daikon Brothers throws reference to many well known and loved genres to support the stories.

Nermia Daikon Brothers will be released on a single DVD set in Q1 2014.

Andrew Partridge, founder and president of Anime Limited says: ‘Nerima Daikon Brothers is an innovative and hilarious series that we are proud to bring to the UK for the first time. It is an unusual series with a tremendous amount of laughs and reference humour. Things we really appreciate at Anime Limited’.

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