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It’s a big month here at Anime Limited towers (and we will continue to insist that we work in a monolithic tower whenever anyone asks), not least because this is the month where the critically acclaimed THE FIRST SLAM DUNK reaches UK cinemas. Have you booked your tickets yet? If not, be sure to correct that at our official web site, as this is an experience you and your friends won’t want to miss!

Some of you may also be thinking “hey, isn’t August the month where Anime Limited have a summer sale?” And you’d be right, but this year there will be no summer sale…. because we’ll be having a sale in September instead! More details on that in the next week or so, but prepare yourselves for bargains!

Speaking of bargains, are you ready for the announcement of our August Early Birds? Of course you are, otherwise you wouldn’t be here, so let’s get down to business – you don’t need to ask us thrice upon a time to spill the beans…

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August new releases

A note for this month’s new release schedule, because it’s going to look a little odd to a bunch of you – due to some fun* logistical goings-on with our stock distribution partner, a lot of releases have shifted to September across many of our retailers. However, this won’t affect shipping dates for our own store, where titles released in August will remain in their current berths. Normal service will be resumed in September though across all of our usual retailers!

Monday 7th August
INU-OH – Blu-ray/DVD Collector’s Edition
INU-OH – Standard Edition Blu-ray
INU-OH – Standard Edition DVD
One Piece Film: Red – 4K UHD/Blu-ray Collector’s Edition
One Piece Film: Red – Standard Edition Blu-ray
One Piece Film: Red – Standard Edition DVD
Over the Sky – Standard Edition Blu-ray (orders open 11th August)

*they aren’t fun, we promise

August pre-orders

Okay, now onto the big stuff, and you don’t get any bigger than our first pre-order announcement for the month, as coming this Thursday we have…


It’s time to say goodbye to all of Evangelion, as the conclusion to the genre-defining franchise comes to home video – not only on Blu-ray, but also on 4K UHD Blu-ray. Quite simply, it’s unmissable, so pre-order your copy from this Thursday to ensure you don’t miss out!

Our Deluxe Edition release of the film utilises some classy, minimalist rigid packaging, within which you’ll find a Steelbook to house the film on both 4K UHD and standard Blu-ray, alongside a second Blu-ray disc packed to the rafters with bonus content!

Supporting all this is a 28-page booklet, alongside a series of five character art cards.

This Steelbook presentation will also be available individually in its own right (albeit with only the Blu-ray disc and bonus Blu-ray, no 4K UHD), while Standard Edition DVD and Blu-ray editions are also available too.

Release date: 
30th October 2023
SRP: £79.99 (Deluxe Edition), £29.99 (Steelbook), £19.99 (Blu-ray), £17.99 (DVD)
Pre-orders open: 3rd August 2023
Pre-order price: £49.99 (Deluxe Edition); £24.99 (Steelbook); £13.99 (Blu-ray); £12.99 (DVD)

Burn the Witch

We heard a lot of love from our recent announcement that we’re bringing BLEACH to the UK on Blu-ray for the first time, but that isn’t the only Tite Kubo work that we’re giving a Collector’s Edition treatment, and this month you’re going to be able to nab some more great fun adventures from the BLEACH universe courtesy of Burn the Witch!

Withing this striking, stylish slipcase you’ll find an Amaray holding the series in both its OVA and movie forms on Blu-ray, accompanied by a 12-page booklet of character and world information, and an A3 poster featuring a sumptuous key visual.

While a Standard Edition vinyl release will follow in the future, this Deluxe Edition will be the only way to own the soundtrack in its entirety on vinyl, so don’t miss out and make sure you grab your copy!

Product: Burn the Witch Collector’s Edition
Release date: 25th September 2023
SRP: £39.99
Pre-orders open: Thursday 10th August 2023
Pre-order price: £24.99

Re:ZERO Original Soundtrack vinyl

We heard a lot of excitement when we announced our plans for this soundtrack a fair while back, and the time has finally come to loop back around to Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World- courtesy of our Season 1 Original Soundtrack on vinyl!

Our release of the soundtrack spreads the OST across a set of two vinyl LPs, with the gatefold and packaging providing you with some gorgeous artwork to enjoy as you immerse yourself the show’s tremendous musical offerings. Also included is an art print utilising that beautiful piece of Emilia artwork.

We know a lot of you are dying to own this, and you don’t even need to travel to another world to do so!

Product: Re:ZERO Season 1 Original Soundtrack
Release date: 
9th October 2023
SRP: £34.99
Pre-orders open: Thursday 17th August
Pre-order price: £34.99

Free! The Final Stroke Part 2

Their journey is about to end, so are you ready for the final leg of Free? This month we’ll be taking pre-orders for the final instalment of The Final Stroke, so prepare yourselves to say goodbye to your favourite characters.

Needless to say, we intend to say goodbye to the Iwatobi boys in style, via a rigid slipcase within which you’ll find an Amaray housing the film on Blu-ray. Also included is a 24-page booklet filled with characters and artwork.

Product: Free! The Final Stroke Part 2 Collector’s Edition
Release date: 
18th September 2023
SRP: £39.99
Pre-orders open: Thursday 24th August
Pre-order price: £24.99

Mobile Fighter G Gundam

You know what they say about Gundam Blu-rays… you don’t see any for a while, and then two turn up at once. After bringing you the first part of Gundam Build Fighters for pre-order just yesterday, now it’s time for one of the most beloved Gundam titles of all time… Mobile Fighter G Gundam!


Design work on this title is in progress as we speak, so we’ll have full details on the contents and how this release will look over the coming weeks, but as you might expect this title will follow our typical release pattern for a Gundam Collector’s Edition title, with half of the series contained within a rigid slipcase, with room for part two and a Collector’s Edition booklet to follow.

We’ll see you at the end of the month to partake in this particularly fun entry into the Gundam universe!

Product: Mobile Fighter G Gundam – Part 1 Collector’s Edition
Release date: 
16th October 2023
SRP: £69.99
Pre-orders open: Thursday 31st August
Pre-order price: £39.99

Gundam, Free, Re:ZERO, EVANGELION…. what a month… and as always that’s just the beginning, so stay tuned over the coming months to keep tabs on all the latest pre-orders.

Oh, and don’t forget those SLAM DUNK tickets!

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