Delay notification & details on what is going on – Perfect Blue & Cowboy Bebop Edition

November 11, 2013 · 0 comments

The upcoming releases for Perfect Blue Collector’s Edition combipack and Cowboy Bebop Complete Collection on DVD has been further delayed until December 2nd, 2013.

This is not something you’re keen on hearing – many of you have already suffered through the last rounds of delays on both these titles and are finding your patience wearing very thin. Believe me, we’re even less jazzed about this than you are. However, these things happen and we here at Anime Limited HQ try to be as open and transparent about what’s going on as possible. So here it goes.


Perfect Blue Collector’s Edition (BD+DVD)

Last we left it, the Perfect Blue Collector’s Edition combipack had to be delayed until the 25th of November due to a manufacturing issue. We’ve only today received word that there is a problem with the replication process. Basically, the replicators have come back and said there’s a problem with printing the packaging for the combipack. What this means, in the tld;dr version – they dun goofed and the print for the cases is too large. It’s not right and it has to be redone.


Cowboy Bebop Complete Collection DVD

The big delay with Cowboy Bebop DVD collection was down to a quality of product issue – essentially, we got the check discs in the office and it appeared that in order to fit all 26 episodes plus the extras on to 4 DVDs picture quality was sacrificed. And how! The images were so pixellated and low res that we had to take the decision not to ship the product, and have an additional 2 discs added to the collection at no extra cost to the consumer.

And now we have to delay Cowboy Bebop Complete DVD Collection again – this time, due to the same printing and replicating issue listed above for Perfect Blue.

In both cases, we had provided the proper dimensions for both sets of packaging – and in plenty of time. It seems that somewhere along the chain – a somewhere that is outside our direct control – something went wrong. We totally understand the unending frustration you’re feeling because we feel it too – believe us, this isn’t the ideal scenario for business especially in our first year. We know that with every delay to a title, our customers grow increasingly annoyed and impatient. But our top priority has always been the need to deliver a quality product that makes it worth parting with your money. And in order to do this, we will be taking the hit on these titles to meet our quality objective.

In summary, we’re as ticked off as you guys are about this but when you do get your respective copies of the two titles listed above it will be to a high standard and worth the wait.

Thank you for your continuing patience and please seek solace in this picture of the team upon hearing the news today.

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