Prepare for the (Third) Impact! Evangelion Roadshow!

July 8, 2013 · 0 comments

JULY 5TH, GLASGOW:  Anime Limited are very proud to announce the Third Impact tour coming to the UK in Q4 2013! We’re partnering up with our friends in Japan to bring Evangelion 3.0 to the big screen for a limited time only and our friends at Manga UK to bring the first two films back to the big screen along with it as they were intended to be seen.

Starting at Scotland Loves Animation (October 11th – 20th) the tour will screen:

Evangelion 1.0 – on 35mm, as it was intended for the big screen in Japan!

Evangelion 2.0 – on 35mm, as it was intended for the big screen in Japan!

Evangelion 3.0 – on Digital Cinema Print, as it was intended for the big screen in Japan!

Expect screenings in the following cities, with further venues to be confirmed:

· Dublin
· Edinburgh
· Glasgow
· Leeds
· London

Expect the final list of dates and venues to be confirmed towards the end of summer along with some other neat surprises we’re currently plotting as a part of the tour…

In the meantime, watch this space ladies and gentlemen as we’ll surely have more to announce over the next few months!



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