Gundam Reconguista in G Movie 1 Blu-ray [IMPORT]

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GRM1_PV1_001Those of you who have been collecting the import Gundam The Origin and Gundam Thunderbolt that we’ve made available to pre-order for a limited time might be wondering if there might be an opportunity for the Gundam Reconguista in G Movie Part 1: Go, Core Fighter “Perfect Pack” Blu-ray import set that was recently announced in Japan? Well today we’re here to tell you that yes, you will have the opportunity to order this product from our AllTheAnime online shop.

Now to be clear from the outset, this is not an All The Anime / Anime Limited product. This is a Japanese release, what we refer to as an “Import” product, that we are taking orders for at our shop; once the stock is delivered (expected to be around late January / early February 2020) it will be shipped accordingly.

We are taking orders for this Gundam Reconguista in G Movie Part 1: Go, Core Fighter “Perfect Pack” Blu-ray [IMPORT] set from right now until 5pm (UK) on Friday 29th November 2019!

This blog will detail what you need to know about this. So if you haven’t pre-ordered an import product from us before all the information you need ahead of taking pre-orders will be detailed below.


Japanese promotional image for the film
Japanese promotional image for the film

The first of five planned films that will retell the story of the Gundam Reconguista in G story, but with new scenes. It’s a chance to experience the story headed by the creator of Gundam, Yoshiyuki Tomino an a new way!

The first film being titled Gundam Reconguista in G Movie Part 1: Go, Core Fighter

Synopsis of Reconguista in G Movie 1: The Universal Century, an era of historic migration into space and space wars has ended, and some time has passed.

It’s now Regild Century Year 1014 (R.C. 1014) where the creation of humanoid mobile suits of war is now taboo and Earth is connected to space via the sacred orbital elevator, Capital Tower, which humanity uses to bring energy in the form of Photon Batteries to the surface.

Bellri Zenam is a cadet in the Capital Guard, the protectors of the tower. During a training exercise pirates attack the tower and Bellri crosses paths with the G-Self, a mobile suit with unknown technology. Bellri is successful in capturing the suit and it’s pilot, Aiida Reihanton, and soon discovers the G-Self, which should only be operable under certain conditions, will now move under his own hand. Now Bellri must pilot the G-Self to uncover the mysteries behind the space pirates, the G-Self and his own destiny. These truths will shake the entire Regild Century to it’s core and this is just the beginning of Reconguista.?


Well first of all we once again need to stress that this is not an AllTheAnime / Anime Ltd. product.

GRM1_PV1_003This is a Bandai Visual product from Japan that will be shipped once stock arrives at our office in Glasgow, UK. (Expected to be late January / early February 2020.)

This is a pre-order scheme in conjunction with Bandai that allows fans in the UK, Ireland and Scandinavia the chance to pre-order this product knowing it will be shipped by us from the U.K once stock has arrived.

The deadline to pre-order is 5PM (UK time) on Friday 29th November 2019.

Each order will also be shipped by the courier service UPS – this cost is already included in the price you pay at our online shop. So you’ll be able to keep track of its delivery progress too once it’s shipped.

Some important things to note –

  • As we’ve said already but we need to reiterate this for a third time, this is not an AllTheAnime / Anime Ltd. product. This is a release from Bandai Visual in Japan.
  • This is a Japanese product. Though the main feature itself will include the English subtitles to accompany the Japanese audio, any additional features on the disc itself and/or the physical items included in the package will more than likely be in Japanese only. Similarly, there is also NO English dub audio within this product either.
  • The full cost must be paid immediately upon placing the order. (We do not have the facility to take delayed payments.)
  • This price you pay automatically includes it being shipped to customers via the courier service UPS. (We will not ship the product any other way.) However, for any orders outside the UK there will be an additional shipping cost added as well to cover overseas shipping.
  • The deadline to pre-order is 5PM (UK time) on Friday 29th November 2019. Once this date has passed we will no longer be taking any pre-orders for this product.
  • Once stock has been delivered to our HQ – expected to be in late January / early February 2020 – we’ll get them shipped as soon as possible to everyone who has pre-ordered it!
  • Though unlikely, should any additional stock be available once orders have been fulfilled and delivered, these will be listed on our online shop accordingly on a first-come first-served basis.


GRM1_PV1_006At time of writing we’re unable to show you what the product will look like, as that design has not yet been revealed. However we can tell you the following –

    • The product will be housed in a storage box featuring art by animation director Ikuro Kuwana and inner jacket art by mechanical designer Ippei Gyobu.
    • Special Description Guide – Mechas part (48 pages planned)
    • Booklet in Japanese and English (16 pages planned)
    • Bonus Blu-ray Disc including:
      ~ Documentary video on Yoshiyuki Tomino – Part I
      ~ Short videos “Mobile Suit School” (90 sec. x 3 ep.)
    • Storyboards vol.1 (600 pages planned)
    • Dubbing script (2 books)
    • 1st Promotional Clip
    • Short Interview Clips with General Director Tomino (2 clips)
    • Audio commentary
    • Storage box illustrated by Ikuro Kuwana (Animation Director)
    • Inner jacket illustrated by Ippei Gyobu (Mechanical Design)


Subtitles are available for the main feature only. (Bonus footage does not include subtitles.) Contents are subject to change.

[NOTE: Product information above updated on 25th Sept. 2019]


At our online shop! A reminder that pre-orders for this are open now and close on Friday 29th November 2019. Click on the link below to order yours.


GRM1_PV1_005Chances are some of the information below have already been covered above, but we like to compile things into one section –

  • Is this an All The Anime / Anime Ltd product?
    No. This product is created and manufactured in Japan by Bandai. We are simply giving people the opportunity to order it.
  • Where will this be shipped from and when?
    Once stock arrives (expected late January / February 2020) it will be shipped from our offices in Glasgow, UK.
  • What countries/territories are you shipping this product to?
    We can ship this product to UK, Ireland and Scandinavian countries only.
  • How much does it cost?
    £99.99. This price includes the fact it will be shipped by the courier service UPS that will include a tracking number. (NOTE: any international orders will also incur an additional shipping charge.)
  • Is there English in this product?
    Only the main feature will have English subtitles to accompany the Japanese audio. Any additional contents (be they on the discs themselves or physical items in the package) unless stated otherwise will be in Japanese only.
  • What’s the deadline to pre-order this by?
    5pm (UK time) on Friday 29th November 2019.
  • Will there be any more of this available after the pre-order period has ended?
    Though unlikely, should there be any additional units available following all pre-orders being shipped and delivered, they will be listed at accordingly on a first-come first-served basis.
  • Will you release your own Blu-ray of this?
    Simply put, it’s something we’d like to do if the opportunity were to come about in the future, but we don’t know at this time if that will be possible or not. However if interested we have previously released the entire TV series on Blu-ray, which you can find more information about HERE.
  • What region code is this Blu-ray?
    It is region free.
  • Are you taking orders for any other version of this import product?
    In short, no. This Limited Edition import release is the only version we are taking pre-orders for.

That’s everything you need to know about this import release of Gundam Reconguista in G Movie Part 1: Go, Core Fighter.

Folks in the UK, Ireland and Scandinavia, you can pre-order your copy today from HERE.

Signing out~!


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