ITV Signs Landmark Partnership Deals for over 400 Hours of Content for ITVX from Anime Ltd

July 22, 2022 · 3 comments

ITV has signed an agreement with Glaswegian-based Anime Ltd, the largest independent anime licensor in the UK. This agreement will make ITVX the free-to-air home of a unique selection of anime television series and films which extends to over 500 episodes and 200 hours.

This agreement also marks the first advertising revenue sharing deals for ITVX; a pioneering way that ITV will be bringing on a range of third-party content enabling the business to bolster its content offering going forward.

The raft of content from Anime Ltd will include a mixture of over twenty TV series and films, making ITVX the largest AVOD home of anime content in the UK. The collection will include Escaflowne, Lupin III Part 6, Megalobox, the critically acclaimed Cowboy Bebop directed by Shinichiro Watanabe and the seminal directorial debut of Hideaki ANNO, Gunbuster as well as many more not currently available on any other local platforms.

ITV’s Director of Content Partnerships, Streaming, Laura Franses said: ‘We are delighted to announce our first wave of deals with Anime Ltd and CBS AMC Networks UK Channels Partnership for True Crime UK from CBS Reality – with more to follow. These deals herald a new business model and opening up of the ITVX platform enabling us to bring hundreds of hours of 3rd party content to new and existing ITVX users’.

Andrew Partridge, president and CEO of Anime Ltd. said: “We could not be more pleased than to team up with ITV in our efforts to share world-class Japanese animation with new audiences and lifelong fans across the United Kingdom. With a diverse lineup of anime from some of the most impressive minds in television and film, ITVX promises to be an essential destination for anyone interested in the medium.”

About ITVX

Launching in late 2022, ITVX will be the UK’s freshest streaming service, letting viewers stream new programme exclusives, with adverts, for free; ranging from premium dramas, documentaries, US series, comedy and reality shows to blockbuster films and much, much more. ITVX will be the first streaming service in the UK to offer viewers the flexibility to access free content with ads and ad-free paid subscription, all in one place. Paying subscribers will also have access to BritBox UK. ITVX will live stream must-watch events including the forthcoming FIFA World Cup, I’m A Celebrity and the Love Island Finale as they are broadcast on ITV’s channels. ITVX will also offer an ever-changing host of exclusive themed channels in line with viewer preferences and popularity. These constantly evolving pop-up channels will give a scheduled experience through a streaming service, with viewers able to choose where in the schedule they join.

About Anime Ltd

Based out of Glasgow, Anime Limited is Europe’s premiere distributor for Japanese animation, renowned for bespoke collector’s editions of fan-favourite anime and soundtracks, connecting Western audiences with creators across languages and oceans, and helping to bring anime front and centre in cinemas. Anime Limited proudly produces releases from the biggest franchises in anime including Cowboy Bebop, Attack on Titan, NEON GENESIS EVANGELION, Mobile Suit Gundam, Tokyo Ghoul, Your Name, Weathering With You, Mirai, BELLE and JUJUTSU KAISEN.

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  • Avatar for D.M


    July 23, 2022 3:13 am

    Awesome, this gives me hope for a region B blu in the future 🤞

  • Avatar for Ocelot


    July 23, 2022 8:07 pm

    All 4+ has an ad-free option. ITVX aren't the first

  • Avatar for Baron


    July 25, 2022 3:57 pm

    Sounds very interesting. But i truly hope thet they release GUNBUSTER on Blu ray (region B) or even 4K...! It is my alltime favourit Anime and the best OVA ever produced!!!! Im loving this timeless Story so much and would buy even severel Discs of it if it is made as a collectors edition!!!! :-)


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