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MEGALOBOX 2After recent podcasts of ours talking about the series and even the impact of its source material in Japan, chances are you might have been wondering when you could expect to hear about our upcoming release of the futuristic boxing series, Megalobox? Well today is the day we can tell you!

We’ve excited to tell you about our release of the show that will be arriving as a Blu-ray Collector’s Edition set on 31st August 2020.

If you’re someone who just wants to get the nitty gritty of pre-ordering it, visit the link to the shop listing in link below


or read on below for all the juicy details!


Megalobx_kvThe series created to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of one of the most iconic series in anime history, Tomorrow’s Joe (aka Ashita no Joe)

Synopsis: “Bored, resigned, and unfulfilled, a young man with neither name nor past survives by fighting in underground matches of a sport called “Megalobox,” a form of boxing that utilizes powered exoskeletons. Calling himself JNK. DOG, he feels trapped in  a world of crime, poverty, and ecological collapse.

All that changes when he has a chance encounter with Yuri, the reigning king of Megalobox. Now, obsessed with proving himself, JNK. DOG becomes a man driven to do whatever it takes to fight this way to the to top of the rankings and take on the champion.

You can watch an English dub preview of the series below –


MEGALOBOX 3Product: Megalobox
Format: Blu-ray Ltd Collector’s Edition
Release date: 31st August 2020
Cat. No.: ANI0513
Suggested Retail Price*: £59.99

*Suggested retail price is the maximum price a retailer could charge for the product. However, once retailers factor in their own discounts, the regular price will be cheaper. 

We’ll be releasing the complete series as a Blu-ray Collector’s Edition set. It will come packed in a rigid case. Inside that you’ll find an amaray case that will hold two Blu-ray and discs and a DVD disc – more on those in a moment. Also inside inside the rigid case you’ll find a poster (34x40cm) acting as a replica of a promotional image used at Megalonia from the series, and a packed to rafters 120-page art book featuring

  • character profiles
  • background/location art,
  • Key Animation Gallery,
  • Supplement sections featuring concept art, background information on the source materials, animation documents, graphic designs, drafts of promotional materials, promotional material gallery
  • an interview with Yo Moriyama (Director / Concept Design)
  • an interview with Katsuhiko Manabe & Kensaku Kojima (Scriptwriters)
  • an interview with Hiroshi Simizu (Character Design / Chief Animation Director)
  • an interview with Jiro Kouno (Art Director)
  • an interview with Mabanua (Music)
  • an interview with Yo Moriyama (Director / Concept Design) & Minako Fujiyoshi (Producer)
  • an article on the difficulty of retelling Tomorrow’s Joe
  • song lyric translations
  • and an episode breakdown.


Here’s a visual of the release for you –

Megalobox-collectors-3D-open-topview SM

So, I mentioned the set will come with 2 Blu-ray discs and a DVD disc. Let’s put the focus on those for a moment.

MEGALOBOX 4Across two Blu-ray discs contain all the 13 episodes of the series with both English and original Japanese with English subtitles viewing options. Additionally on the discs there will be over 80 minutes of interviews with members of the Production Team and on the Animation and Sound.

But, what about the DVD disc? Well, it’s actually a bonus DVD disc we’ve created as we’ve now been given clearance to include two audio dramas (also known as picture dramas) that are in Japanese with English subtitles. It’s about an additional 15 minutes of content in total, but they are something quite unique that isn’t often to be able to include many UK anime releases.

In terms of the concept, these vary in content but tend to be released in Japan on CD or perhaps is additional material relating to a specific anime featuring the voice cast, as an example, acting out a new scene or scenario. So we’re delighted we get to include them! And best of all in a way you can actually enjoy and understand them!

Going back to the packaging for a moment, for those of you wondering here’s what both sides of the rigid case will look like –

Both sides of the rigid case in our MEGALOBOX Blu-ray Collector's Edition set - out July 29th July
Both sides of the rigid case in our MEGALOBOX Blu-ray Collector’s Edition set


This product will be available trade wide – meaning you can expect listing to appear on other retailer sites such as Amazon & Zavvi in the coming weeks, but we can tell you can order this right now from our online shop! And we’ve got a special limited-time pre-order offer too!

~ Online Shop~

Until Thursday 4th June 2020, pre-order this for just £34.99!

And with that being said, that concludes this exciting news regarding our upcoming release of Megalobox! We hope you’re looking forward to adding it to your collection!

Signing out~!


EDITOR NOTE: This blog post has been amended to reflect the change of release date. All references to the previous date have been changed to the new release date of 31st August.

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