New Releases: 12th March 2018

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Ahoy-hoy everyone! So here we are again – it’s Monday. Just where did the weekend go? Still, there’s no time to mourn those wasted hours vegetating on your sofa, as there are new Anime Limited releases (and more besides) to discuss!

Indeed, before we look at what arrives on retail (and online) shelves this Monday, we should start with a reminder of some tremendous Early Bird offers currently available on our site. For starters, between now and the 2nd of April you can pre-order our glorious Wolf’s Rain Ultimate Edition on the web store for just £89.99 compared to an SRP of £149.99.

Meanwhile, as of Friday we’ve also been offering an Early Bird order on our Durarara!! x2 Ketsu Collector’s Edition Blu-ray, currently available for just £34.99 compared to a normal SRP of £59.99. Don’t worry if you’ve fallen behind with your Durarara collection either, as we have both our Durarara!! x2 Shou and Durarara!! x2 Ten Collector’s Edition Blu-ray sets available for just £29.99. All of these DRRR deals end this Thursday, 15th March, so don’t miss them!

With all of that out of the way, let’s get down to business and see what new releases this week brings to you, dear reader.

12th march 2018


ANI0390 BBB BD-standard_3D

FORMAT: Standard Edition Blu-ray
(Previously available on Ltd Collector’s Ed. Blu-ray and Standard DVD)
EPISODES: 1-12 [end] + 10.5

SRP: £34.99
Language: English, Japanese with English subtitles

Synopsis: “After a breach between Earth and the netherworld opens up over New York, humans and creatures from other dimensions become trapped in an impenetrable bubble that surrounds the city. Forced to coexist in a new city known as Hellsalem’s Lot, the shaky peace between humanity and the netherworld creatures is protected by an underground group of super humans known as Libra.

When a case of mistaken identity brings not-so-ordinary delivery boy Leonardo Watch face-to-face with this group, he joins their ranks hoping to help prevent the destruction of the world by a group of monsters and madmen lead by a powerful being known as the King of Despair.”

You can get your copy today from retailers including the following:

Order at Amazon Order at Zavvi Order at HMV Online Order at Anime-On-Line Order at All The Anime


ANI0174 Harmony BD-standard_3D (1)FORMAT: Standard Edition Blu-ray
(Previously available on Ltd Collector’s Ed. Blu-ray and Standard DVD)
SRP: £19.99
Language: English, Japanese with English subtitles

Synopsis: “In a future ruled by an unwavering dedication to good health, three high school girls led by the defiant Miach Mihie attempt suicide as the ultimate act of rebellion. Tuan Kirie survives, but cant shake the hatred she has for the perfect world she lives in.

Years later, a simultaneous mass suicide rocks the globe and sends society into a state of shock. A small group stands up to take credit for the event, claiming theyve hijacked the consciousness of every person on the planet. Everything about the terrorists message sounds too familiar to Tuan. She suspects her old friend Miach might be involved, but how could that be when shed supposedly killed herself years earlier? Desperate for answers, Tuan launches an investigation that takes her across the globe chasing the ghost of her old friend. But what is Miachs end game? Will she finally wake the world from its monotonous slumber? Or, end it all for good?

Watch the trailer for the series below:

You can get your copy today from retailers including the following:

Order at Amazon Order at HMV Online Order at Anime-On-Line Order at All The Anime


Next week we have an insanely busy week for you, so here’s what you can expect to hit retail as of Monday the 19th of March.



As the month continues apace, it’s time for another reminder that we’re bringing the first of the three films as part of the 10th Anniversary Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion film project to cinemas in UK & Ireland!

We’ll be screening it in ODEON, Showcase, Cineworld and Vue cinemas from 21st March 2018. We also have a very special event around the film planned in London on Tuesday, 20th March – we’ll be revealing all of the details of that event later today, so stay tuned for the full lowdown!

For now though, you can see where the movie is being screened and book tickets at

That’s us done for this week’s new release round-up – as always though, keep in touch with all of our latest news and information right here on our blog, or via Twitter and Facebook. Until next time, take care folks!

~Andy H

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