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It’s been a while since we’ve done one of these, but the time is nigh to catch-up on what to expect from the coming month here at Anime Limited, as we move inexorably towards the second quarter, which of course includes April hosting our annual spring sale. We’ll have more on that and the dates for your diary soon.

But first, what does March have in store? Let’s give you the low-down as we embark on a new month.

March new releases

Let’s start with a refresher of what you can expect to land on your doorstep or at a retailer near you from ourselves this month.

Monday 6th March
El-Hazard: The Alternative World – Standard Edition Blu-ray (Order as Deal of the Week from 7th March!)
Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Part 1 – Standard Edition Blu-ray

Monday 13th March
Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Part 2 – Standard Edition Blu-ray

Monday 20th March
Blood-C: The Last Dark – Standard Edition Blu-ray (Order as Deal of the Week with the rest of Blood-C from 21st March!)
Love Live! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club – Collector’s Edition Blu-ray
Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny Part 2 – Collector’s Edition Blu-ray

Monday 27th March
Emma: A Victorian Romance Season 2 – Standard Edition Blu-ray (Order as Deal of the Week with Season 1 from 28th March!)

March pre-orders

We have a combination of returning pre-orders and brand new Early Birds for you this month, but for those of you who have been waiting for this news for a while now we have four important words for you: JUJUTSU KAISEN Part 2.

But we’ll get to that, let’s talk about what else we have in store first…

Goodbye Don Glees!

After taking initial pre-orders for this title during our Christmas sale, it’s time to say hello to Goodbye Donglees, as we can now officially reveal what our Collector’s Edition release looks like!

Within that striking rigid slipcase you’ll find an Amaray containing the film on Blu-ray and DVD, plus the show’s wonderful soundtrack on CD.

Also included is an A3 poster, while the booklet we promised has now been upgraded to a full-blown and whopping 160-page storyboard book. Oh, how we spoilt you.

Product: Goodbye Don Glees! Collector’s Edition
Release date: 
Monday 24th April 2023
SRP: £44.99
Pre-orders re-open: Thursday 1st March 2023

Cardcaptor Sakura – Standard Editions

We know that so many of you have fallen in love with Cardcaptor Sakura thanks to our beautiful Collector’s Edition, but with that product selling fast we wanted to ensure that the series is still available to all and sundry, and after debuting it in the midst of our Christmas sale the series now returns on Standard Edition Blu-ray.

You can order the entire series ahead of its April release from March 9th, with both Part 1 and Part 2 re-emerging at an Early Bird price for one week from that date.

Product: Cardcaptor Sakura Standard Edition Blu-rays
Release date: 
3rd April 2023 (Part 1), 24th April 2023 (Part 2)
SRP: £59.99
Pre-orders open: Thursday 9th March 2023
Pre-order price: £34.99


You know how we love to throw in surprises for you all from time to time, so here’s one for you… a sucker punch if you will, as we enter the world of future-past steampunk boxing with Levius! And what better time to do so, with all of the talk around Creed 3 and its various anime influences?

Peek inside the rigid clipcase of our Collector’s Edition Blu-ray and you’ll find the complete series from Polygon Pictures across two discs with both English and Japanese audio with English subtitles, plus the entire Original Soundtrack to the series across two CDs!

Completing this definitive release is a poster, and last but not least a 52-page booklet filled with background and character art to act as your guide through the series.

This Netflix series arrives for pre-order on 16th March, so don’t miss out!

Product: Levius Collector’s Edition
Release date: 
1st May 2023
SRP: £69.99
Pre-orders open: 16th March 2023
Pre-order price: £44.99


Not a new early bird, but as an appetiser before the main course at the end of the month we’ll be offering up some returning deals on our JUJUSTU KAISEN vinyl releases – these offers will run for two weeks commencing March 23rd.

Make sure you visit the UK home of JUJUTSU KAISEN,, so that you’re prepared for…

JUJUTSU KAISEN Season 1 Part 2

We know you’ve been waiting for this one, so here it is… the conclusion to JUJUTSU KAISEN’s stunning first season on Collector’s Edition Blu-ray! Let’s start out by introducing our exclusive version of this release…

Just like our Part 1 Collector’s Edition, Season 1 Part 2 is chock full of goodies. Within the rigid slipcase you’ll find a Digipak adorned with artwork and housing both Blu-ray discs, plus the series’ second Original Soundtrack disc on CD.

Alongside this we have not one but two booklets – one 36-page booklet packed with information and interviews, and another collecting the original author’s rough sketches for the Juju Sanpo skits that accompany episodes of the series.

On top of all this, order our exclusive version of this release and you’ll find all of this encased in an additional bonus box that houses the Season 1 Part 1 Collector’s Edition so that it can sit safely and snugly together with Part 2.

A traditional Collector’s Edition without the bonus box will, of course, be available from all good retailers as per normal.

Pre-orders open on Thursday 30th March – are you ready? Be sure to grab our exclusive version while stocks last!

Product: JUJUTSU KAISEN Season 1 Part 2 Collector’s Edition
Release date: 
1st May 2023
SRP: £69.99
Pre-orders open: 30th March 2023
Pre-order price: £44.99

We’ll be back next month with what is promising to be the start of a bumper time for anime fans between our spring sale and a slew of new titles, so we’ll see you then, and we hope you’re excited to grab some of these titles throughout the month of March!

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