Persona 3 Movies 1-4 standard Blu-ray releases coming 2018

December 6, 2017 · 0 comments

Right at the beginning of the year we started releasing the Persona 3 Movies on DVD and as part of a Ltd Collector’s Edition Blu-ray+DVD set. Throughout this year (2017, depending on if you’re reading this in the future or not) they have been very popular releases! So much so that the Ltd Collector’s Edition sets of Movie #1 Spring of Birth and Movie #2 Midsummer Knight’s Dream are now out-of-print – meaning all remaining stock is with retailers – and Movie #3 Falling Down & Movie #4 Winter of Rebirth are getting close to that stage as well.

Since the first film has been sold out a recurring question we’ve had is whether or not a standard Blu-ray release of the films might be possible. The answer has always been we’re only allowed to release them as DVD and Ltd Collector’s Edition Blu-ray+DVD sets of each film, as part of our terms of licensing. But today we’re delighted to announce that next year (2018) we’ll be releasing each movie on standard edition Blu-ray!

Dates are to be confirmed, but our tentative plan is release each over the course of the first and second quarters of the year – more specific info as we can bring it – starting with Movie #1 Spring of Birth.

Movie 1 with Box SHOP

We can also tell you that first print (1000 units across all UK retailers) of Movie #1 will come with a cool art box to store each film! The box will have space to hold movies 2, 3 & 4 too (each sold separately.)



Though the films won’t be getting released until early next year, today (6th December 2017) we’re giving you the opportunity to order all four of the films and have them shipped before the end of this calendar year! That’s right, you could own all four films plus the really cool art box to store them in as well way before they hit general sale next year.

Persona_12 days

However, this offer has a maximum allocation of 250 units! So if/when we reach that allocation the offer will end. Otherwise the offer concludes at 8:59am tomorrow (Thursday 7th December 2017) morning.



  • All offers in the AllTheAnime 12 Days of Christmas are limited to UK & Ireland residents only due to logistical reasons.
  • This will be the only chance to purchase all four films in this manner at
  • As we mention above, each film will be getting an individual release during 2018.
  • As we mention above, the art box is limited to 1000 units across all UK retailers – this is not an Exclusive product, it’s simply your first chance to own it. The first 250 of those being available as part of this promotion only.




— What are the differences between this and the Ltd Collector’s Edition sets and these standard edition versions?
The Ltd Collector’s Edition sets each came packed in a rigid case, digipack to hold the discs and also included a booklet inside. These standard edition sets will literally be the disc inside an amaray case. (And the first 1000 units of Movie 1 will come with an art box to store each film, as mentioned above.)

— Is the on-disc content different at all?
No, it’s identical.

— Language options?
As was the case with the Ltd Collector’s Edition sets, the films are only in Japanese with English subtitles. This because no English language dub (audio) has been created for the film.

— Are the booklets included with the standard edition sets?
As we mentioned in the first question, it’s the discs inside an amaray case. So the answer is no, they are exclusive to the Ltd Collector’s Edition sets only.

— What are the release dates of the standard edition Blu-rays?
As we mentioned above, dates are to be confirmed but our tentative plan is to release each film during the first and second quarter of 2018.

— What are the SRP of each film?
Movie #1 with the art box will be £24.99, and Movies #2, #3 and #4 will be £19.99 each. (The SRP, Suggested Retail Price, does not reflect the price that may actually be charged for each film by retailers. It’s very likely the price for each will be lower.)

If you missed out on the Ltd Collector’s Edition sets we hope you’re looking forward to adding these to your collection!

Signing out~!


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