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January 31, 2013 · 0 comments

Hello everyone and welcome to a holding site for Anime Limited!  We’re in the process of putting together a lot more features and some final touches to our design elements but we wanted to make sure people had somewhere they could be kept up to date of what we were doing.

More importantly – half the fun of being a startup company is being able to show you a bit more of what we’re up to.  So not just press releases or pushing for sales but actually talk through the processes we have to go through here to bring you anime.

Here are few of the changes you can expect over the next few months to this site barring aesthetic ones:

– Theatrical listings for any films we are doing.

– Digital links – so places you can get our content plus friends content online officially.

– Pre-orders – we’ll centralise pre-orders for new titles on the site too for folks.

In the meantime – we’ll be getting some more blogs up of interest for folks too and will be updating you with new details of our releases shortly!

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