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June 8, 2023 · 2 comments

As we celebrate our 10th anniversary, the team at Anime Limited is happy to share some updates surrounding the lovely website you’re reading on right now, In the coming months, we’ll be launching an entirely new webshop, beautifully designed to make your anime shopping experience even better, but before that, we’d like to take this time to thank you for your continued support over these 10 years on our current store! As part of that, we’d like to share this infographic of some of the highlights:

While the webshop changes in motion are much more significant than a new coat of paint, you’ll not need to worry about anything on your side: your credentials will still work, your purchase history will remain the same, and your outstanding pre-orders have the same chance of arriving on the planned date as they would have otherwise.

Our second change to the webshop is one that many of you have already noticed, and even begun to take advantage of! Our webshop is called “All the Anime” so in our ever-evolving effort to live up to that name, we’ve added several… hundred… new titles to the site from some of our friends in the anime business. We’ve been trying to help with accessibility of the latest vinyl records from folks like Tiger Labs and Milan Records for years, and branching out into areas like manga and light novels to boot, but now we’re happy to be able to help you fill out your Blu-ray collection with the customer service and convenience you know from shopping local with the UK’s favourite anime store. We hope you’re able to pick up all of your collection with us now!

Next, for the first time in our ten year history, we’re updating our prices for TV series Blu-ray releases. We held out for quite a long time on this one, but our MSRPs will now be more in line with industry trends to reflect the higher costs of inputs and the effect inflation has had this last decade, while ensuring quality of our products will remain the same. And that’s what motivated this change: we’re not willing to compromise on our releases, and we know you wouldn’t want us to treat your favourite series with anything less than our best.

Starting with our July lineup of pre-orders, our MSRP for the typical release will be as follows, understanding that some more premium releases will have variation in their pricing:

  • Standard Edition 12-episode Blu-ray MSRP: £39.99
  • Collector’s Edition 12-episode Blu-ray MSRP: £69.99
  • Collector’s Edition 12-episode Blu-Ray w/ soundtrack CD MSRP: £74.99

Note that these are suggested prices, and some retailers (including us!) will have opportunities on occasion to purchase these at different price points. We hope you continue to take advantage of our Early Bird pricing exclusive to our webshop, which will remain just as competitive as ever!

The final update to our webshop is regarding shipping. As you may have seen recently, there have been many changes to shipping infrastructure in the last few years, and we’ve had quite a few customers ask that we hold packages until all items in the order are ready. Now, we’ll be doing that as standard – orders will not be sent out until all items within that order are available. However, if you’d still like to split your orders to get specific items sooner than others, you’re able to just as before – simply make a separate order for each shipment you’d like to receive, and this change will not apply to you if you don’t want it to. Shipping will update to this scheme starting today, and if you have an existing order with us this will be shipped only once all items are available to ship.

Alongside this, due to rising shipping cost increases, the price of EU shipping is also changing effective immediately, to a new price of £15 for an order – this allows us to maintain the same quality shipping services at a realistic cost in the current climate. Shipments to other areas remain the same as before, and we continue to offer free shipping to the UK and Ireland as we always have.

We want to be as transparent about these changes as possible, so please reach out to us via email, social media, or our support form HERE with any questions or thoughts you may have.

We look forward to service you and all of your anime needs for a long time to come!

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  • Avatar for John


    June 8, 2023 12:25 pm

    Did I get that right? - so, if I buy an anime which is available for shipping now and another that's releasing after 6-7 months in the same order, I will get everything only after the second one is release after 6 months? I pay in full for everything now and get my stuff after a very long period...doesn't make sense to me really. You say to split the order, but that doesn't work too, because your promo codes work for 1 order only and when split that's 2 orders and we loose on the discount and most people buy when there'a a discount. Not to mention the international buyers which have to pay double shipping. I think a better way should be implemented.

    • Avatar for JU


      July 13, 2023 8:56 pm

      As an international buyer I love this change since customs add a processing fee of £7 for any individual package. If I want something directly I'll pay the postage. And who knows - maybe the prices can go down on the products when we don't have to subsidise shipping for people like me.


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