[UNBOXING] Your Lie In April Part 2

April 28, 2017 · 0 comments

It’s been a while since we released the first part of Your Lie In April but the wait is nearly over for our release of the second half of the series as it arrives in just over a week on 8th May! Today we’re very excited to show you what to expect from our release.

But before go any further a quick reminder that can pre-order this now from the likes of Amazon UK, Zavvi, Base.com, Anime-on-Line and our own web shop now.

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NOTE: Any information and/or images displayed below may contains spoilers for the series. you have been warned.

484376_Your Lie In AprilABOUT YOUR LIE IN APRIL PART 2

Synopsis: “Summer passes and Kaori spends more time in the hospital than school. After much struggling, Kousei comes to realize that he’s onstage now because of the people who support him. Playing the notes that they all gave him, Kousei pours his entire soul into his performance so that it will reach Kaori.”

You can can dubbed and subtitled trailers for the series, published prior to our release of Part 1, below.


What’s inside? What’s on the discs?

ANI0178 YourLieInApril-part2-collector_3D-open

Our release Ltd Collector’s Edition Blu-ray release of Your Lie In April Part 2 comes packed in a rigid case with a digipack to store the two Blu-ray discs. Also included is a special collector’s artbook showcasing various art and imagery from the series.

Across the discs themselves you get –
— Episodes 12-22 of the series with both the English language dub and original Japanese with subtitles.
— Textless Opening and Closing title sequences
— Audio commentary on episode 22
— Bloopers



And now for photos of the finished product itself. You can click on them to enlarge them too.

And for those you wondering what Part 2 looks like inside the outer box that came with Part 1*, see these pictures below.

*Ltd Collector’s Edition Blu-ray of Your Lie in April Part 1 sold separately.
IN CASE YOU MISSED IT – We announced a replacement scheme for Ltd Collector’s Edition Blu-ray of Your Lie In April Part 1. PLEASE READ ABOUT THIS HERE.

And that concludes this unboxing of Your Lie in April Part 2! We hope you’re looking forward to adding it to your collection.


Signing out~!


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