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March 18, 2020 · 1 comment

Hi everyone! In these unprecedented times, we know that a lot of you are stuck at home, and feeling the disappointment of the events that you were looking forward to over the coming weeks being cancelled or postponed. While we all know and understand very well the reasons why these events can’t go ahead at this current time, it’s still a disappointment that we share – we love being able to meet all of you at the events we exhibit at; to admire your cosplay and the skill and hard work it entails; to take in the incredible range of talented artists that can be found selling their wares.

So, on a weekend where we’d normally be meeting so many of you in Birmingham, we thought we should turn our attention elsewhere to experience at least a taste of all of the wonderful things that a convention weekend can bring, and so with that in mind, we cordially invite you to our first ever “virtual” Comic Con!!

“But what does that mean?” I hear you ask. Well, for us, we’re offering three different ways that you can indulge in the joys of an event from the comfort and safety of your own home, so read on for all of the details.


Friday 20th – Sunday 22nd March

al_1We know that you love to pick up great titles from our catalogue or the latest new releases when we exhibit at an event, so why should that change for our virtual event? With our ordering and fulfillment system still running at full speed ahead, we wanted to give you a chance to pick up whatever you need from our catalogue, and with that in mind we’re offering 10% off everything on our store (not including currently active special offers) from the 20th-22nd March.

From midnight on Friday 20th until 11:59PM on Sunday 22nd, you can get 10% off any order by using this discount code at checkout:


So, why not have a browse around our catalogue and figure out what you’re planning to buy? We’ll even have some new pre-orders opening on Friday to coincide with this deal, so ready yourself to grab all the anime you need to keep you entertained over the weeks to come… you won’t even need to carry them home as we’ll deliver to your door!



Saturday 21st March

al_2As we mentioned earlier, we love seeing all of your cosplay creations at events, and we know that many of you have poured in a lot of money and effort for outfits only to see them left on the hangar due to recent events. So, let’s prevent those outfits from going unseen, and let the world see your creations via our virtual cosplay masquerade!

We’ll be running this event solely through our official Instagram account, so to enter, simply take a photo of yourself in whatever cosplay creation (or creations!) you want to show off, ensure that you tag in our AllTheAnime Instagram account (that’s @alltheanime for reference) and use the hashtag #alltheanime in your post for good measure.

Across the day on Saturday 21st of March, we’ll be sharing your most impressive photos via our own Instagram account, ensuring that you’re tagged in so that everyone can see and admire your hard work, and visit your profile to see more of your talent and to express their admiration for your hard work.

We’ll also be offering up prizes for our top three cosplay entries, who will receive gift cards to use against anything in our online store, to give you even more good reasons to enter!

We can’t wait to see the results of your hard work, so remember – from now until the end of Saturday 21st of March, tag us into your cosplay photos for us to share your work and to enter the masquerade!



Sunday 22nd March

al_3Of course, cosplay isn’t the only art form on show at an event, and we also want to celebrate the talented artists you’ll typically find at a Comic Con, and give you a way to find their work to admire or purchase online.

We’ll also be running this event through our official Instagram account only, and to enter, simply post the artwork you’d like us to feature on your own account, ensure that you tag in our AllTheAnime Instagram account (that’s @alltheanime for reference) and use the hashtag #alltheanime somewhere in your post for good measure.

Across the day on Sunday 22nd of March, we’ll be sharing your most eye-catching images via our own Instagram account, ensuring that you’re tagged in so that everyone can see your talent and find your online presence. We can’t wait to see your creativity!

We’re looking forward to all of you joining us over this coming weekend – remember, from the 20th-22nd of March use the discount code VIRTUALEVENTMAR20 for 10% off your order, and over the coming days be sure to tag @alltheanime into your cosplay or art on Instagram to be featured on our profile. Let’s make this a fun weekend, no matter where we may find ourselves!

Take care and stay safe.

~ Andy H



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    March 19, 2020 4:47 pm

    Not sure if you folk at Anime Limited were aware but Neo Magazine for the past year kept listing "Persona 5 The Day Breakers" among the release list section in the magazine and continously moved it back a month with each issue. Hoping to one day see this mythical release date finally happen, not that I'm hugely bothered about the Persona 5 anime. But I'll happily buy it when finally available.


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