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July 29, 2020 · 3 comments

Following us publishing details of our upcoming home video releases of Weathering With You a couple of weeks ago, we were delighted to see the response from fans excited to order their copy!

Once pre-orders launched, the Deluxe Edition exclusive to sold out in just under 24 hours! Following that, we have had an outpouring of messages and emails from fans asking if there would be any more copies of the Deluxe Edition available, which brings us to this announcement today.

In light of all of your feedback, over the past week or so we’ve done some digging, analysed details, crunched some numbers and have managed to determine a way to craft a variant version of the Deluxe Edition available for those of you who missed our additional offering to order! As an important note, we call this a variant as there is one important change to the contents of this edition.

So today, we’re here to tell you all about the upcoming Weathering With You 4K UHD + Blu-ray Deluxe Edition variant, which will be released on 2nd November 2020 – the same date as the original Zavvi Exclusive Deluxe Edition.

If you want to skip the details and check out the listing at our shop, you can do so at the links below:




As we’ve mentioned though, there are some important details to discuss, so read on below for all the info.


Obviously the first thing you’re wondering is the difference between this new variant, and the original version exclusive to – in short, the original soundtrack CD featuring music by RADWIMPS has been removed from this variant, as due to restrictions around this element of the release specifically we can’t include it within this variant. However, all of the remaining contents are still present and correct in this additional edition, and pricing remains the same as the regular Deluxe Edition (although if you subscribe to our mailing list or are an annual subscriber to Screen Anime we may be able to offer you some additional discounts…) and we’re delighted we’ve been able to offer up the majority of the contents for even more fans to enjoy.

Thus, the full contents of this new variant are as follows:


SKU: ANI0603

SRP: £69.99

• Special Slipcase (pictured right)
• Steelbook packaging
• Weathering With You on 4K UHD Blu-ray
• Weathering With You on Blu-ray
• Additional Blu-ray packed with bonus content
• 104-page hardback book
• Poster
• Art Cards
• Sticker

Pre-orders for this variant version of the Deluxe Edition will launch this coming Friday (31st July 2020) at both and from around 12pm.

Weathering With You Deluxe Edition - 4K UHD + Blu-ray + Bonus BD variant ( and Exclusive)
Weathering With You Deluxe Edition – 4K UHD + Blu-ray + Bonus BD variant
( and Exclusive)

There is one other significant detail we need to highlight about pre-ordering this, and particularly if you’re intending to pre-order it…


WWY_Deluxe variant_pack shot_Zavvi and AL copyBecause of the unique nature of being able to produce this variant edition exclusive to ourselves and Zavvi, effectively the amount of pre-orders we get for this version collectively will determine how many units are produced.

From our very inception, all of our collector’s products have a one time print-run – that has never changed and won’t be in future. However, for the production of this variant edition we have been able to arrange factoring it into the production of the Deluxe Edition a whole, and to make make this as fair as possible for anyone looking to order it, we’re not putting a strict limit on how many units are available for pre-order of this particular variant.

We’ll have a detailed FAQ about this below, but to summarise there will be a limited time window to pre-order this product. Once the deadline for pre-orders has passed we’ll set the final quantity of units required, and the final production run size will be locked in, at which point no further units will be produced. Any extra units beyond those pre-ordered will be available for people to order until there is no remaining stock, so if you can’t pre-order it during the initial sale period, you will still have a chance to order it.

The pre-order period is active from around 12pm this Friday, 31st July 2020 until Friday 28th August 2020.


PRE-ORDER PERIOD: (Around 12pm) Friday 31st July until Friday 28th August

You can view the full listing at our AllTheAnime online shop, or at, via the links below.



And the appropriate link for the will be added nearer the time of pre-orders launching.

F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions) About this product and the pre-order campaign

~ Will this variant version of the Deluxe Edition be available from any other retailer?
Yes, this variant is available from, as well as our own store.

~ What is the pre-order period?
The pre-order is period is from now until Friday 28th August 2020.

~ Why will the Pre-order period determine how many are made?
Without going into too much detail, the actual production of a product has to commence by a certain point in time. In this case the closing date for pre-orders of this has been factored into the overall production process of determining how many copies will need to be produced, which allows us to ensure copies of this variant are manufactured to meet demand.

~ How many of this variant are being made?
The amount of pre-orders we receive for this will determine how many are produced.

~ If I pre-order, am I guaranteed to get a copy?
Yes. If you pre-order this then you have secured a copy.

~ Why is the CD Soundtrack not included in this variant edition?
Due to restrictions around this element of our release it’s not possible to include the Soundtrack CD. But all the other contents are included. The CD will still be included in the Collector’s Edition, as well as the original exclusive Deluxe Edition – if you’ve ordered either of these products, you’ll still receive the CD as part of that package.

~ But the CD is included in the Collector’s Edition version. So how come it can’t be included in this variant of the Deluxe?
Again, as mentioned restrictions around this element of the product means it’s simply not possible to include the CD in this variant of the Deluxe Edition.

~ Does this mean you could produce more versions of past sold out products?
No. The reason being that the production of those products has concluded. The difference with this is that the production is still at an early enough phase that we’ve made specific arrangements to accommodate fan’s wishes to be able to accommodate this variant edition. It’s a very unique set of circumstances, so this will not be something that can be factored into future productions.

~ Will any more of the original Zavvi version of the Deluxe Edition (with soundtrack CD) be produced?

~ Is there any kind of upgrade offer/programme if I’ve already pre-ordered the Collector’s Edition version at the online shop?
While we really appreciate it if you’ve already ordered the Collector’s Edition version, the short answer to this is no. However, if you wish to cancel your pre-order for the Collector’s Edition and purchase this Deluxe Edition instead, then you are of course very welcome to so.

With all of that information outlined, for those of you who missed out on the original Zavvi Exclusive version of the Deluxe Edition, we hope this goes some way to being able to rectify that for you. Before we sign out, on behalf of all of us at Anime Limited we’d just like to thank all of you profusely for your support, enthusiasm and feedback towards this release, and as always we strive to do what we can to meet your desires.

Until next time, take care!

~Jeremy & Andy H


  • Avatar for Michael Redstove

    Michael Redstove

    July 29, 2020 6:17 pm

    You really dropped the ball on this one, didn’t you?! What a complete mess! An exclusive with Zavvi, for £49.99, or a variant with less material, but from you, for £20 more! You literally could not have made this worse if you’d tried. Shame on you for this.

    • Avatar for jeremy


      August 5, 2020 3:00 pm

      I think there's some confusion here. The SRP (Suggested Retail Price) and the price you will ultimately pay for this are different. For reference, we're charging £49.99 for this as well.

  • Avatar for Marco


    July 31, 2020 12:16 pm

    Thanks guys! I just ordered my copy at zavvi. I would order directly from you guys but you have a 10,50 euro shipping cost while zavvi, base, anime-on-line can do it for like 2 euro max. Regardless I'm glad i can still have this collection! Even without the soundtrack.


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