Your Lie in April Part 1 – Replacement Scheme

April 25, 2017 · 10 comments

NOTE: This replacement scheme only impact anyone who has purchased Your Lie In April Part 1 Blu-ray Ltd Collector’s Edition.

Back in November we released Part 1 of the very popular series Your Lie In April on Ltd Collector’s Edition Blu-ray and standard DVD. Since it’s release we’ve heard from many of you saying how much you’ve enjoyed the series so far, but we also received some reports that people were having great difficulty removing the digipack from the rigid case in the Collector’s Edition Blu-ray version. We’ve been a lot of investigating behind the scenes over the past few months and today we are officially announcing a replacement scheme for our Ltd Blu-ray Collector’s Edition of Your Lie In April Part 1.

Please read on below for all the details.


The units we were sent originally were completely fine and didn’t have any problems with them, but the amount of reports we started receiving indicated there was something up. The issue in question is as follows:

IMG_1296 copy— Removing the digipack from the rigid case. (pictured left)
When you try to remove the digipack that holds the two Blu-ray from the rigid case – not the outer box that will ultimately hold both Parts of the series – in some reports it was very difficult to remove or in some cases was extremely difficult to remove.

Following an in-depth investigation internally it was determined that there was a error during the manufacturing process that resulted in the rigid case being smaller than intended, and that resulting digipack either difficult or unable to be removed from the case itself.

— How many units were impacted?
We honestly don’t have clear and cut answer for this. But we received enough reports to warrant an investigation and have already started having corrected units produced. As a result ANYONE who has purchased our Blu-ray Collector’s Edition of Your Lie in April Part 1 is entitled to a replacement. (Please read on below for more details.)


So this is where it gets a bit technical. Because the finished product of the original run was, for want of a better way of phrasing it, smaller than intended, the corrected stock is now at the correct sizing it was meant to be. This means the corrected stock of Your Lie In April Part 1 Blu-ray Collector’s Edition is larger than the original run. What does this mean? Read on below.

In the images below you can see an original version of Your Lie In April Part 1 Blu-ray Collector’s Edition side-by-side next to the corrected version. The difference, while perhaps not easy to see in this particular photo, is that the box is slightly larger – to accommodate the new sizing of the rigid case inside. (You can click on the images to enlarge them.)

NOTE – The corrected version in the pictures below still has the cellophane around it. So it may appear darker, and the BBFC sticker is attached to the cellophane, not on the box itself.

As you can see, the corrected version is slightly taller, and is wider than the original.

We know that telling the difference between the two might not be easy for some, so we’ve come up with full proof way of knowing if you have an original version or a corrected version. See image below.

IMG_1294 copyThe corrected version will now have an info sheet that has a pink coloured bar on the side, rather than our traditional Blue that we use. If you have a version that has a Blu-ray info sheet, it means that’s an original version and you can get a replacement from us.


Everyone who has purchased our release of Your Lie In April Part 1 Blu-ray Collector’s Edition will be receiving a brand-new complete replacement from us.

NOTE: If you have ordered it from our web shop you will receive a replacement by default and do not need to apply for a replacement. Please check your email inbox as we have sent you a message today (25th April 2017) about this.



To apply for a replacement you need to do the following –

— Send as email with the subject “Your Lie in April Part 1 – REPLACEMENT REQUEST” to that includes the following four things:
1) A copy of the proof of purchase of the product. This can be an order confirmation or receipt.
2) Your full name (some people don’t include names in their emails; we need to know who you are so we can send it to you when ready)
3) Your full shipping address
4) A photo of your current copy of Your Lie In April Part 1 Blu-ray Collector’s Edition, ideally showing the original ‘blue’ info sheet.

F.A.Q. About Your Lie In April Part 1 Replacement Scheme

How soon will the replacements be getting sent out?
We expect fulfilment of the replacement scheme for this to begin shipping in early May. (The goal being before the release of Your Lie in April Part 2.)

How will I know when my replacement has shipped?
You will receive an email from me (Jeremy) confirming when it has been shipped.

Why should I get mine replaced?
Simply put, because Part 2 won’t fit inside the ‘original’ version box. So if you want Part 2 to fit inside (when its released) then you’ll need a corrected version, which we’re offering to you completely free of charge.

What should I do with my ‘original’ copy of Part 1?
That’s ultimately your decision. We are not asking for anyone to send their original copy back but all we ask everyone is to please not give or sell it to anyone else. We don’t want others to be impacted by this, so perhaps you can use it as a display piece or similar.

I don’t have a proof of purchase for my Part 1? What can I do?
Well, not exactly ideal but these things happen. Drop me (Jeremy) and email on with what you can supply of the details highlighted above and we’ll see what we can do. (We’re not heartless 🙂 )

— When will the corrected version of Your Lie in April Part 1 be available at retailers?
You can purchase this at retailers now. This will also be back in stock at our web shop within the next week or two as well.

(Assuming you’re reading this in the future) I’ve got my copy of Your Lie In April Part 2 Blu-ray Ltd Collector’s Edition* release but won’t fit inside the box? What’s happened?
*Not released at time of publishing

Where have you been?! Please read all the info above as you’re entitled to a replacement of Part 1, on us completely free of charge 🙂

How does this impact the release of Your Lie in April Part 2?
It won’t! This only impact Your Lie In April Part 1 Blu-ray Ltd Collector’s Edition.



We know many of you will be aware of this but we want to make sure that those who do not know are aware of the following.

Yes, anyone and everyone who has purchased a copy of our Your Lie In April Part 1 Blu-ray Ltd Collector’s Edition release is eligible for a complete replacement of this product. No ifs, ands or buts. But please keep in mind we are a five person team here at Anime Limited, and with previous replacement schemes ongoing as we write this, we’re going to do our best to turn these around as quickly as possible but please allow us some time to get this sorted out. We’re going to be replacing all of these and it’s no easy task to do this for any title.

At the end of the day, we care about every product we release and are doing this replacement scheme because we want to make you all receive the quality of product we strive for as it was intended to be from day 1. It’s a real shame that wasn’t how it turned out from the get go, and while it has taken a long time for us to reach this stage we’re very happy we’re finally able to get this sorted knowing exactly what happened. We’re very sorry to anyone who upset this happened in the first place; as you can tell it was never our intention and we hope the fact we’re going to be outright replacing the product rather is testament to that.

We’ve taken the magnitude of this problem very seriously and every member of the team was heart broken to see something like this had come up with our release Your Lie In April Part 1 on top of other strings of bad luck we’ve had. By now we hope we’ve demonstrated to everyone our continued effort to delivering the best quality releases possible and taking it on the chin and doing what we feel is our duty to set things right if something has gone awry.


And that’s all we’ve got on this.

If you have any questions please email me (Jeremy) on and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

It’s also worth noting that we’ll be releasing Part 2 of Your Lie In April on 8th May 2017. Our goal is to have as many replacements as possible – or ideally, all replacement requests – fulfilled by then. Expect more details on Part 2 very soon.

Signing out~!




  • Avatar for Richard


    April 25, 2017 5:05 pm

    I'm not going to be home for over a month in order to take a picture of my copy, is there a time limit on this replacement scheme or will I still be able to request one whenever?

    • Avatar for jeremy


      April 26, 2017 12:52 pm

      There is currently no set time on this scheme, so don't worry you can contact us once you're home and that will be fine :) ^JG

      • Avatar for Richard


        April 26, 2017 6:43 pm

        Excellent news, I would like to extend my thanks in advance for the wonderful service that you provide, really appreciate this.

  • Avatar for Marco


    April 26, 2017 5:56 am

    Im from the Netherlands and i bought it from zavvi. Will you send a replacement to the Netherlands as well or not?

    • Avatar for Marco


      April 26, 2017 6:04 am

      And im asking that because Netherlands isnt part of your license region....

    • Avatar for jeremy


      April 26, 2017 12:51 pm

      Yes we will :) ^JG

  • Avatar for Emanuele Barone

    Emanuele Barone

    April 26, 2017 5:29 pm

    Honestly, this level of customer service would be unheard of where I am from. That you continue to offer it every time is one of the reasons why I keep getting my anime fixes from you instead of publishers in my country. Cheers.

  • Avatar for Marcus


    April 27, 2017 10:35 am

    Yet I am surprised there is no mention of the full metal alchemist ultimate edition consider the design of the enclosure for holding the bluray cases was so tight that it resulted in the wear of said bluray cases.

  • Avatar for Kevin Mc Cormack

    Kevin Mc Cormack

    April 30, 2017 7:31 pm

    I ordered from the website however I ordered as a guest so therefore I never got the email about my replacement. Is that supposed to happen?

  • Avatar for David


    May 8, 2017 6:59 pm

    Hi i just bought from ebay._ do i qualify?


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