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Following us previously offering the first four editions of the Japanese Gundam The Origin Blu-ray Collector’s Edition [Export Version] set, today we are excited to announce we will be offering fans in the United Kingdom, Ireland and Scandinavian territories the opportunity to order the upcoming fifth set in this series, MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM THE ORIGIN V Clash at Loum, this set direct from our web shop!


As was the case before, this pre-order scheme at our web shop in conjunction with Bandai Visual allows UK, Ireland and Scandinavian fans the chance to pre-order this upcoming release knowing that it will be sent from our offices here in the UK (once stock arrives – expected November 2017.) Though please note this is a Japanese product. Though the main feature itself will include the English language dub and English subtitles to accompany the original Japanese audio, any additional features on the disc itself and/or the physical items included in the package itself will be in Japanese only.

We (Anime Limited) will be taking pre-orders for this MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM THE ORIGIN V Clash at Loum set for the UK, Ireland and Scandinavian customers through our web shop starting on Monday 19th June 2017. NOTE: The deadline to pre-order this by Thursday 14th September 2017. After the deadline has passed we will not accept any more orders for this product. Though unlikely, should there be any additional units available following fulfilment of all orders, they will be made available to order through our web shop on a first-come first-served basis.

Once launched on Monday 19th June 2017, you will be able to find the listing for Gundam The Origin V in SECTION OF OUR WEB SHOP HERE

GOR_V_teaserThe product itself isn’t released in Japan mid-November 2017, so we anticipate our stock to arrive following the Japanese release date. We anticipate order for this to be shipping in late November/early December 2017. Obviously if our allocation arrives earlier than that we will work to fulfil pre-orders sooner 🙂

Please read on below for details on what you can expect with this product.

Synopsis: 【Episode 5 Clash at Loum】

Universal Century 0079. Humanity has turned even space itself into a battlefield, and the Principality of Zeon
forces advance after wiping out half the world’s population by carrying out the Operation British (colony drop). In
response, the Earth Federation Forces mobilize their overwhelming fighting strength to regain the advantage.
The complex intrigues of the Zabi family… Sayla Mass, as she contends with the whims of fate… Hamon and
Ramba Ral, who is now a pilot in the Zeon forces… Amuro and Fraw, leading peaceful lives at Side 7… a dark
shadow falls across them all.

And the Zeon ace Char Aznable, driven by revenge, goes into action as the “Battle of Loum” finally begins.



Extra features/bonuses:

  • Storage box illustrated by Yoshikazu Yasuhiko (32.8cm x 32.8cm)
  • Illustration sheet of the storage box illustration by Yasuhiko (planned to be box-sized)
  • Storyboards & setting art book (400 pages planned)
  • Cell & Line art illustrations book (10 pages planned)
  • Sleeve (O-card) illustrated by Yasuhiko
  • Booklet featuring comic text by Yasuhiko (32 pages planned)
  • Staff & cast audio commentary
  • Special booklet (12 pages planned)


On-disc content

  • The main feature –MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM THE ORIGIN V Clash at Loum
  • Special Features (in Japanese only): PV, TV-Commercial, Video of the salutations on stage at the screening of Episode 4


Spoken Language (for main feature only):

  • English (DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1ch), English (Linear DTS 2.0ch), Japanese (DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1ch), Japanese (Linear PCM 2.0ch)


Subtitle options (for main feature only):

  • English subtitles, Japanese subtitles


Runtime: 80 mins (not final)



  • To reiterate this is a Japanese product we’re merely acting as a shipping agent for pre-orders on behalf of Bandai Visual, this is not an Anime Limited produced release (and is why a lot of the content is Japanese only.)
  • The deadline to pre-order this by is 12pm (UK) on Thursday 14th September 2017.
  • The release of the product in Japan isn’t until mid-November 2017. We anticipate our allocation to arrive following the Japanese release date and estimate orders to be fulfilled during November/December 2017.
  • Payment for the product will be taken within 24-48 hours of the pre-order being placed. We cannot take delayed payments on this product.
  • The price listed at our web shop is inclusive of delivery via the UPS courier service and UK Customs Clearance.
  • All UK pre-orders for this will be only fulfilled via the courier service UPS and a signature will be required on delivery. (Please select the free delivery method of checkout – you will not be charged additional cost for this.)
  • We can only fulfil orders of this product to UK, Ireland and Scandinavian countries. Any orders placed outside of those countries/territories will be cancelled.
  • Any orders for outside of the UK for this product placed at our web shop will be only fulfilled by the UPS courier service. Please note there will be an additional international shipping surcharge. The cost of this will be added during the checkout process.


That’s all for the details on this. If there’s anything additional to add we’ll be sure to say.

For those living in France and Belgium, you can place an order at our French team’s AllTheAnime web shop HERE from Monday 19th June.

Signing out~!


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