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Scotland Loves Anime 2015 Preview Edition

Scotland Loves Anime begins tomorrow and we are the official sponsor of the event, but that doesn’t stop us bringing you all the latest news direct from Anime Limited HQ. Read on below for all the latest updates.


~ First of all our Limited Edition Blu-ray of Tokyo Ghoul is available now! You can get the full details on our release HERE.

~ Speaking of our Limited Edition Blu-ray of Tokyo Ghoul, we want to reiterate that all stock is currently in circulation with retailers. So if you’re planning to buy it, it is starting become scarce. Though we will have some units available at MCM London Comic Con, it is sold out on our shop and also appears to be sold out with other retailers as well.

In light of the Limited Edition version already becoming scarce, we can today confirm we are already planning a Standard Edition Blu-ray release of Tokyo Ghoul. So if you’re not able to get hold of the Limited Edition version, fret not as a standard Blu-ray is on the way. We’ll have more details on this soon.

~ Also to reiterate, we will be releasing Tokyo Ghoul on Standard Edition DVD as well. That will be coming out on 26th October. (Only a few weeks away.)

~ In case you missed it earlier today, we announced that we have licensed the series Comet Lucifer. It’s simulcasting at Read on below in the Simulcast Update section for more details.

~ For those of you planning to come to our MCM Loves Anime event in London that features the World Premiere of Gundam The Origin II: Artesia’s Sorrow, tickets are available for it now! Get the details over at

In an update on the running times for the films on the day, here is how things will play out:

13:00, Mystery Film #1
15:00, UK Theatrical Premiere of Gundam The Origin I: Blue-Eyed Casval + World Premiere of Gundam The Origin II: Artesia’s Sorrow
17:15, Mystery Film #2
19:30, Mystery Film #3

Please note there has been a small change to the lineup, concerning the representative from Sunrise. Due to time constraints on the day, the originally proposed post-screening panel (after Gundam Origin II) will now be taking place as its own panel at MCM London Comic Con (date/time TBC.) We apologise for the change but this was unavoidable.

We will add that there will be short turnaround time in between each block. This is to allow cleanup time after each screening.

Also, we have been informed that food & drink cannot be brought into the venue. So we are going to be updating the F.A.Q. section of to reflect this. However there is a café inside the venue where light refreshments will be available. There are course shops outside of the venue as well should you want to step out to get some fresh air.

There is going to be an update on the F.A.Q. section in general next week, so please keep an eye out for that.

~ And now for a few date changes to make you aware of. First of all, Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad has been pushed back, but we’re unable to confirm a new date at this time. This is due to a issue with the masters, hence why we can’t give a new date at this time.

And secondly, Fusé: Memoirs of a Huntress is also going to be pushed back, again we’re not able to confirm a new date at this time. The reason for this is simply that there was a delay in the production of this title.

Our release schedule has been updated accordingly to reflect these.


As mentioned above, tomorrow (Friday 9th) sees the start of Scotland Loves Anime in Glasgow at the GFT and we (Anime Limited) are the official sponsor of the event.

The UK Premiere of Miss Hokusai this weekend in Glasgow will feature director, Keichi Hara in attendance. And Anima(tor) Expo screening in Edinburgh will play host to two people involved in some of the shorts being screened.

Tickets are still available for the Glasgow screenings HERE if you haven’t already got yours. The lineup is as follows:

UK Premiere with director, Keiichi Hara as special guest in Glasgow

Friday 9th October
– The UK Premiere of Attack on Titan (live-action) Part 1 @ 23:00

Saturday 10th October
– Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F (Japanese with subtitles version) @ 14:30
– The UK Premiere of Miss Hokusai @ 17:00 (Following this screening there will be a special Q&A session with the director, Keiichi Hara.)
– The UK Premiere of Boruto: Naruto The Movie @ 20:15

Sunday 11th October
– The UK Premiere of The Murder Case of Hana & Alice @ 13:30
– The UK Premiere of Project Itoh’s, Empire Of Corpses @ 16:15
– The UK Premiere of Attack on Titan (live-action) Part 2 @ 19:45

Following the Glasgow weekender, Scotland Loves Anime moves to Edinburgh for the week. Tickets for Edinburgh lineup can be purchased HERE. The Lineup for the week is as follows:

Monday 12th October
– The UK Premiere of Attack On Titan (anime) Part 1: Crimson Bow & Arrow @ 18:00

Tuesday 13th October
– The UK Theatrical Premiere of Puella Magi Madoka Magica Movie III: Rebellion @ 20:30

Wednesday 14th October
– The UK Premiere of Attack On Titan (anime) Part 2: The Wings Of Freedom @ 18:00

Thursday 15th October
– The UK Premiere of The Last: Naruto The Movie @ 20:30

Friday 16th October
– Boruto: Naruto The Movie @ 15:30
– The UK Premiere of Expelled From Paradise @ 18:00
– The Japan Anima(tor) Expo @ 20:30 (This screening will feature two special guests whose work is included in Animator Expo: Mahiro Maeda (Evangelion 3.0) and Hibiki Yoshizaki.)

Saturday 17th October
– Miss Hokusai @ 13:00
– Project Itoh’s, Empire Of Corpses @ 14:30
– The Murder Case of Hana & Alice @ 18:30
– Attack on Titan (live-action) Part 1 @ 21:00

Sunday 18th October
– Dragon Ball Z Resurrection F (English dubbed version) @ 13:15
– The European Premiere of Love Live: The School Idol Movie @ 15:30
– The UK Premiere of Psycho-Pass The Movie @ 18:15
– The UK Premiere of Ghost In The Shell (2015) @ 21:00

It’s a packed lineup of films! Do keep an eye on the official Facebook and Twitter pages of Scotland Loves Anime for updates during the festival. We will also be posting lots of updates throughout the festival on our own channels.


The fall simulcast season has official begun! Here’s our lineup of titles this season:

Seraph Of The End Vampire Reign (2nd Season) – Simulcasting at
K: Return of Kings – Simulcast at
Comet Lucifer – Simulcasting at
The final episode of Blood Blockade Battlefront – Simulcasting at


Seraph Of The End: Vampire Reign (2nd Season) has yet to start airing. Expect the first episode to be available next week.

Episode 1 of K: Return Of Kings can be watched HERE

Episode 1 of Comet Lucifer can be watched HERE

The first 11 episodes of Blood Blockade Battlefront are available to watch at Viewster HERE. There will be a simulcast of the final episode coming soon. Please stay tuned for details as appropriate.


Durarara!! Limited Edition
The latest round of confirmation messages were sent earlier this week. We’ve had lots of applications over the last week so there is a bit of a backlog to work through.

We know some of you have been waiting a while for your replacements and we apologise for that, but we are working as hard as we can and as quickly as we can to fulfil the requests. The latest round of replacements were sent earlier this week and all going well there will be another getting sent before the weekend. (Emails confirmations of this were sent to those fulfilled.)

If you’ve yet to apply for discs please follow the steps of filling out the survey AND emailing us your proof of purchase. (Simply doing one of the two steps is not enough.) We ask that applicants awaiting for confirmation message please wait a little longer. If you haven’t received a confirmation message within to weeks of applying please email Jeremy on – he’ll get back to you as quickly as we can about this.

If you have questions or concerns about your replacement request please feel free to email Jeremy on If you have yet to apply for replacement discs please follow all the guidelines HERE.

Kill la Kill Part 1 [for units purchased at MCM London Comic Con in October 2014 only]

As mentioned on our latest podcast (HERE) we will shortly be launching a replacement scheme for Kill la Kill Part 1. This only applies to units purchased at MCM London Comic Con in October 2014. (Following the event the products general retail release was delayed and the error of the English dub being out of sync by 0.4 seconds during one of the episodes was corrected.)

We are planning to have details on how this replacement scheme will be handled within the next week. Please keep an eye out for this information.


Here’s the list of upcoming events we’ll be attending. More specific information will be posted closer to the events themselves.

Scotland Loves Anime – Glasgow, 9th-11th October
Scotland Loves Anime – Edinburgh, 12th-18th October
MCM London Comic Con, 23rd-25th October
MCM Birmingham Comic Con, 21st-22nd November


Here is the most up-to-date version of our release schedule.



OUT NOW: Tokyo Ghoul Season 1 (Limited Edition Blu-ray)
26th October: Tokyo Ghoul Season 1 (DVD)

2nd November: Fate/kaleid liner Prisima Illya (Collector’s Edition Blu-ray, DVD)*

16th November: Samurai Flamenco: Part 1 (Blu-ray **subtitle-only release**)

23rd November: Sword Art Online II: Part 2 (Collector’s Edition Blu-ray+DVD combi, DVD)*

30th November: Mobile Suit Gundam: Part 1 of 2 [tentative title] (Blu-ray)*

[TBC November/December]: Baccano! (Collector’s Edition Blu-ray)*
[TBC December] Mobile Suit Gundam: Part 2 of 2 [tentative title] (Blu-ray)*
7th December: Full Metal Panic Ultimate Edition [Season 1 + Fumoffu + The Second Raid] (Blu-ray)
7th December: A Letter To Momo (Blu-ray, DVD)
14th December: Sword Art Online II: Part 3 (Collector’s Edition Blu-ray+DVD combi, DVD)
14th December: Gankutsuou: The Count Of Monte Cristo (Blu-ray)
21st December: Gundam: Reconguista In G Part 1 (Blu-ray **subtitle-only release**)

[TBC 2015] Fusé: Memoirs of a Huntress (Collector’s Edition Blu-ray+DVD combi)*

Q1 2016
January (TBC)*: Ping Pong The Animation (Blu-ray, DVD)

[TBC] Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad – The Complete Collection (DVD)*

*Tentative date

We should be able to confirm specific dates soon for those marked as tentative.

Signing out~!


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