Newswire #81 & #82 – 28th July 2016

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Following a week’s break we are back with the latest edition of our Newswire. Bringing you to speed on the latest news relating to Anime Limited/AllTheAnime and Funimation releases. Read on below for details.

All The Anime updates

~ First of all, Tokyo Ghoul √A standard edition Blu-ray is available now! If you haven’t got your copy already you can order yours from the likes of Amazon, Base, Anime-on-Line and our web shop now.

~ This weekend we’ll be at not one, but two conventions across the UK! We’ll be at MCM Manchester Comic Con and at Amecon in Warwick.

–  At MCM Manchester Comic Con we’ll have a booth where you can purchase our latest releases and a vast selection of our catalogue to. Plus we’ll be having a panel at midday in the MCM Theatre where there’ll be lots of cool news to tell you about!  Will definitely be one not to be missed! You can find more details about MCM Manchester Comic Con HERE.

–  We’ll also be at Amecon at the Warwick Arts Centre where’ll we’ll have a stall in the dealers room. You’ll be able to pickup our latest releases along with lots of along with many of our past releases too. And there will also be our panel at 8pm at the Woods Scawen room on the site. There’ll be lots of things to talk about (including the latest news from that will be discussed in Manchester earlier that day) so be sure to come along! A perfect way to spend your Saturday night!

~ Looking ahead, we know a lot of you have been excited about our upcoming release of Free! -Eternal Summer- and today we can finally give you a preview of what to expect! Set for release on 22nd August, we’ll be bringing this to Limited Collector’s Edition Blu-ray and standard DVD.

Today we can show you for the first time what expect from our Limited Collector’s Edition Blu-ray, and will elaborate on what’s included below.

Free! -Eternal Summer- Limited Collector's Edition Blu-ray
Free! -Eternal Summer- Limited Collector’s Edition Blu-ray

Free! -Eternal Summer- Limited Collector’s Edition Blu-ray

So lets get into the details of this set. First of all, in a first for any of our release we have a die-cut slipcover that will fit around the rigid case! The cut in the slipcover will show part of the image of the rigid case when inside.

Then as we said there will be a rigid case under the slip cover that will house the contents inside. Included in this are a digipack to store the two Blu-ray discs, a 64-page art book featuring loads of great visuals of the series, two stickers and 7 art cards.

In terms of what’s on the discs themselves, you get the entire series (13 episodes) with both the English dub and the original Japanese with English subtitles. In addition to that you will also get the bonus OVA episode included.

And as if that wasn’t enough there’s also episode commentaries, web previews for each episode of the series, an extended card collection gallery, illustration collection, memorial promo video, promo videos and the textless opening and closing title sequences.

You can pre-order your copy of Free! -Eternal Summer- today from the likes of Amazon, Base and Anime-on-Line. It’ll be available to order from our web shop in the coming week.


**Frequently Asked Question**
Why are you releasing the second season of Free!, but not the first season?

The reason is actually pretty simple, because we only have the rights to the second series. We want to make it known we are exploring whether bringing the first season might be a possibility in the future, but we have no news on whether that might indeed be possible.

In case you aren’t aware, Free! is a unique case where the English language rights to the two seasons are are not owned by the same company. So it’s more complicated than other titles would be. But like we say we are looking into whether anything might be possible and if there’s any news we’ll be sure to say.




Yona of the Dawn Part 1
Yona of the Dawn Part 1

~ The first Funimation title we’re distributing is available now! This being the DVD/Blu-ray combo pack of Yona of the Dawn Part 1.

This contains the first twelve episodes of the series with both the English language dub and the original Japanese audio with subtitles. In addition to that, extras across the discs are episode commentaries, promotional videos and clean opening and closing title sequences.

You can order your copy from the likes of Amazon, Base, Anime-on-Line and our web shop now.

You can watch a trailer for Yona of the Dawn Part 1 below.

~ The next Funimation release we will be distributing is be Gonna Be The Twin-Tail!!. Unfortunately the original release date on this had to be shifted due to a delay in BBFC certification, which is required by UK law. We should have a new confirmed date for you soon.

We can tell you that this Blu-ray/DVD combo pack will contain the complete series (12 episodes) with both the English language dub and original Japanese with subtitles. Extras on the discs will include episode commentaries and textless opening and closing title sequences.

You can pre-order your copy of Gonna Be The Twin-Tail!! today from Amazon, Base, Anime-on-Line, and our web shop now.

Expect more details relating to upcoming Funimation titles we’re distributing in the coming weeks.



As we mentioned earlier, we’ll be at MCM Manchester Comic Con and Amecon this weekend. After that our next event won’t be until the end of September for MCM Scotland Comic Con.

29th-31st July @ MCM Manchester Comic Con
– Panel on Saturday at 12pm

29th-31st July, Amecon @ Warwick Arts Centre
– Panel on Saturday at 8pm in

24th-25th September, MCM Scotland Comic Con


And concludes this Newswire. There’ll be lots to tell you about in our Newswire next week following on from this weekend. If you’re coming to the shows we looked forward to seeing you there!

Signing out~!


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