Anime Limited Newswire #11 – 17th March 2015

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It’s that time time of the week again. Time for your latest Anime Limited Newswire.


Kill la Kill - netflix~ First of all, we’re six days away from two releases being available to add to your collection. First up is the highly anticipated Kill la Kill Box 2 on Collector’s Edition Blu-ray and Collector’s Edition DVD. It contains episodes 10-19, comes in a rigid box, with a digipack to hold the discs and as if that wasn’t enough also has an over 200 page art book too! You can pre-order your copy from Amazon UK HERE and through our web shop HERE.

Then we also have the standard edition of HAL coming to DVD and Blu-ray. You can pre-order your copy from Amazon UK HERE.

~ Speaking of Kill la Kill Box 2, earlier today we posted a photo unboxing of our release. You can see it HERE.

~ Be sure to keep an eye on our channels and what events we’re at this week. We’re hoping to have an announcement or two for you.

AnimeLimited_PodcastLogo~ Have you listened to our latest Anime Limited Podcast (release this past Friday)? If not it’s well worth a listen to (if we do say so ourselves.) We’ve had some great feedback on it. Topics include Andrew travelling to Anime Japan in Tokyo and we also give you some exclusive details about our forthcoming Ultimate Edition release of Escaflowne. You can listen to it HERE.

tumblr_nlco1uJL4g1ungjuuo2_500~ Speaking of Anime Japan, while El Presidenté of Anime Limited, Andrew Partridge is in Tokyo he’s sending us pictures of his trip. You can find them correlated in a gallery at our Facebook page HERE. They’ll also posted on our Instagram HERE (that in turn will be linked to our twitter also) and on our Tumblr HERE.

~ In an update on Durarara (that some of you will have heard it mentioned in passing on our latest podcast) we have received the first round of check discs for our re-authored Blu-ray discs and our DVD release as well. We haven’t got a definitive update in terms of when they’ll be available – it’s A LOT of content to check over – but we’re still aiming for end of May to have it all done and dusted by as noted in our Replacement Scheme Application Page.

mcm_birmingham_comic_con~ This coming Saturday (21st) we’ll be at MCM Birmingham Comic Con. Our resident giant, Jeremy will be heading to down the show for the day and you’ll be able to join him at 11am for the Anime Limited panel in the MCM Theatre. You’ll also have to opportunity to purchase releases of ours throughout the entire weekend at Booth 1042, located very close to the Comic Village section. (At the event you’ll see a banner on the stand with our logo so it won’t be hard to miss.) If it’s any help you can find the official show guide for the event online HERE.




~ In case you missed it a few weeks ago, we have officially launched our replacement scheme for Durarara!! Blu-ray Collector’s Edition. Get the full details HERE. (If you’re planning to apply for replacement discs please take the time to read all the details posted.)



~ Mai Mai Miracle Kickstarter backers. A new update was sent to you earlier today! Check your inboxes or head on over to the Kickstarter website HERE to read it.



Q: You’re currently simulcasting Gundam Reconguista In G, is there any possibility of you simulcasting new shows for the upcoming season?

Hard to believe there are only a few episode of Gundam Reonguista In G remaining. (If you want to check the show out, you can rent/buy episodes HERE.) To answer the question, in short yes we looking into whether any simulcasts for the forthcoming season might be possible but as things stand we haven’t got any news to share with you. Hopefully that’ll change soon…


Following all the updates in the News/General Update section above, here’s the most up-to-date version of our release schedule. (We will of course continue to update this in every Newswire accordingly.)

January – March 2015

OUT NOW: Giovanni’s Island (DVD, Blu-ray, Ultimate Edition DVD+Blu-ray)
OUT NOW: Space Dandy Standard Edition (Blu-ray)

OUT NOW: Blood Lad (DVD, Collector’s Edition Blu-ray)
OUT NOW: Perfect Blue [Standard Edition] (Blu-ray)

23rd March: Kill La Kill Part 2 (Episodes 10-19) [Collector’s Edition] (DVD, Blu-ray)
23rd March: HAL [Standard Edition] (DVD, Blu-ray)

April – June 2015

27th April: Tiger & Bunny – The Rising [Collector’s Edition] (DVD+Blu-ray combi)
27th April: Tiger & Bunny Movie Twin Pack (The Beginning & The Rising) [Standard Edition] (DVD, Blu-ray)
27th April: Wings Of Honneamise (DVD, Collector’s Edition DVD+Blu-ray combi)

25th May: Kill la Kill Part 3 [Collector’s Edition] (DVD, Blu-ray)
25th May: Nerima Daikon Brothers (DVD only)

8th June*: Baccano Complete Series [Collector’s Edition] (Blu-ray only)

29th June: Space Dandy Season 2 [Collector’s Edition] (DVD, Blu-ray)
29th June: Space Dandy Season 2 [Standard Edition] (Blu-ray only)
29th June: Space Dandy Complete Season 1 & 2 Set (DVD only)

*Tentative date – not final.

If you have any questions on any of the above please feel post them in the comments below or via our Twitter and Facebook.

Signing out~!


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