Anime Limited announces upcoming release of Macross Plus on Blu-ray in North America, UK and Europe

July 1, 2022 · 13 comments

Anime Limited is excited to present the home video release of the classic Macross title on Blu-ray!

GLASGOW, JULY 01, 2022 –  Anime Limited is proud to announce its upcoming release of Macross Plus to Blu-ray for the first time outside of Japan, an anime praised as a “visual tour de force” by Forbes.

In a landmark moment for fans of the decades-spanning legendary Macross franchise, the beloved classic 1995 film – together with its original four-part OVA presentation – will be made available for fans for the first time in English on Blu-ray later this year. Created by BIGWEST and Studio Nue, with Shoji Kawamori (Aquarion, Escaflowne) serving as a chief director , the film marks the directorial debut of Shinichiro Watanabe (Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo) as a director and the first collaboration with inimitable composer Yoko Kanno (Cowboy Bebop, Escaflowne). 

“Macross is a deeply important franchise to both the world of cinema and to the anime fandom,” said Andrew Partridge, CEO and Co-Founder of Anime Limited. “We’re humbled and thrilled to bring out the first HD release of the franchise to fans in so many countries with Macross Plus.”

The film will be released on Blu-ray in the following territories:

●    United States
●    Canada
●    United Kingdom
●    France
●    Italy
●    Germany
●    Spain
●    Portugal 
●    The Netherlands
●    Scandinavia: including Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Iceland


The year is 2040 and the galaxy is flourishing with several colonies and advanced technology. AI is near perfection and the current top idol is the near-completed Virturoid Idol Sharon Apple. All that is missing are her actual feelings, which instead are supplied by Myung Fang Lone. Sharon’s debut concert is on planet Eden, where at the same time, fighter pilots Isamu Dyson and Guld Bowman battle over air superiority for the “Supernova Project.” Isamu, Guld and Myung were once childhood friends, but after an accident seven years ago, they went their own separate ways. 

With Myung back in the picture, the old disputes are once again awakened. And when an unstable and illegal AI technique is installed in Sharon, the situation is worsened.


BIGWEST CO., LTD., are representative owners of the Macross franchise. BIGWEST also provides planning and production for animation, as well as concerts, events, TV programs, etc., and manages related licenses and copyrights. For more information, visit: (Japanese only)

About Anime Ltd

Based out of Glasgow, Anime Ltd is a pioneer in distribution for anime, producing physical and digital releases across the world with some of the top brands in Japanese animation.  Working with titles like Attack on Titan, Cowboy Bebop, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Tokyo Ghoul, Your Name, Weathering With You, Mirai, BELLE and JUJUTSU KAISEN. 

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  • Avatar for Steven Neeson

    Steven Neeson

    July 1, 2022 11:40 pm

    I can't thank you enough for the Rory McFarlane soundtrack on the Cyber City blu Ray. I will definitely buy Macross Plus and might I suggest BATTLE ANGEL ALITA with the superior UK dub? I desperately want to buy that from you.

    • Avatar for Trevor W Gratton

      Trevor W Gratton

      July 1, 2022 11:55 pm

      Personally, I'd be happy with the original Manga UK Alita dub from1993, which at least was far superior to the ADVision dub. A Japanese language track would obviously be nice too. I'm really excited for Macross Plus too, but I'd love for there to be a release of Alita, as well as some other titles from the 90s; 3x3 Eyes is definitely one of them, albeit without that awful Streamline Pictures dub.

  • Avatar for M.R.


    July 2, 2022 11:33 am

    Fantastic, I hope there will be a Steelbook Version.

  • Avatar for Law


    July 2, 2022 11:50 am

    Hopefully we'll get Macross II, Frontier and Delta from you guys!!!

    • Avatar for Ladrian Aozano

      Ladrian Aozano

      July 3, 2022 8:22 am

      You're late to the party, Nozomi is releasing everything you just mentioned. Anyway, uh, will this version be the same as the Japanese Blu-Rays, or will this use a new film transfer? Will the dub and subtitles/translation from the older Manga versions be used?

  • Avatar for Francesco Nicoletti

    Francesco Nicoletti

    July 2, 2022 12:05 pm

    I’ve hung on to my near unwatchable DVD of Macross Plus for so long, I’m glad I’m finally going to be able to watch it in its full high detail hand draw madness.

  • Avatar for Dave


    July 3, 2022 10:43 am

    We need the original dub with Cranston on this! Can we get him to dub the movie? I know he’s be down for it

  • Avatar for Moominmoma


    July 3, 2022 11:56 pm

    Amazing!! This is the news I've been waiting for! Now if we can just get 3x3 eyes with the Manga video dub and Doomed Megalopolis with the Manga video UK dub, I'll be eternally happy. 😌

  • Avatar for D.M


    July 6, 2022 1:51 am

    Still so pumped for this release. The future is looking bright for classic 80s and 90s OVAs on Region B Blu Ray. I'd love to see some other classics get this treatment, like You're Under Arrest, Golden Boy, and Gunbuster. 🤞

  • Avatar for DLK


    October 5, 2022 12:07 pm

    Anymore news on this??? ETA, transfer, format, extras etc etc! :)

  • Avatar for Dan


    December 29, 2022 3:43 am

    I can't tell you how much I've been awaiting this release. Macross Plus has to be one of the top 3 Anime movies of all time for me. Being able to watch it on an OLED in beautiful quality will be a dream come true. Would love to read any kind of update or news about this release!

  • Avatar for Matt Lewis

    Matt Lewis

    January 4, 2023 10:21 pm

    Macross plus is a masterpiece. seems this didn't make it out in 2022 after all ? Any news , I really want a copy. M.

  • Avatar for Sean Forster

    Sean Forster

    March 14, 2024 10:31 pm this ever going to come out? Not a great first impression I'm getting from you across the pond waiting for ANY news or updates on Macross Plus. Nothing like forcing the U.S. to buy a product from a company that has been running silent for a while. Wish someone over hear had it instead at this point.


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