NEW RELEASES: 30th April 2018

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We have a packed week of new releases to start the month of May with! So if you’ve got a craving to add some new anime to your collection, here’s a look at what’s available from us now, plus details on a special offer we’re currently having.

Read on below for the details.

30th APRIL 2018

ANI0203-ERASED-2-Collectors3D-open copyERASED: PART 2

FORMAT: Ltd. Collector’s Ed. Blu-ray+DVD (pictured left), Standard DVD
SRP: Ltd Ed. Blu-ray – £39.99 | Standard DVD – £29.99
Language: English, Japanese with English subtitles

Includes episodes 7-12 [end] of the of the series, and the Collector’s Ed. version comes in collector’s packaging that features loaded a 40-page book that follows on from where the book included with Part 1* (*sold separately) left off. Featuring character files, Revival Chronology, ERASED Key Animation Selection, an interview with the director of the series Tomohiko Ito.

Synopsis: “Erased is a sci-fi thriller series based on the award winning manga series (2014 Manga Taisho Award) by Kei Sanbe. The dream production team includes director Tomohiko Ito (Sword Art Online), character designer Keigo Sasaki (Blue Exorcist), composer Yuki Kajiura (Sword Art Online), Fate/Zero, Madoka Magica), and animation studio A-1 Pictures (Sword Art Online, Your Lie in April, Blue Exorcist).

The series finale that ends with a shocking yet emotional twist…

On Disc extras: Audio commentaries for episodes 7,8,11 & 12, Textless Opening & Closing title sequences.

You can watch the trailer for this (originally published when we released Part 1) below

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Kiss_him_3D_BD_AN_1024x1024KISS HIM, NOT ME

FORMAT: Standard ed. Blu-ray, Standard ed. DVD
SRP: Standard Blu-ray – £34.99 | Standard DVD – £29.99
Language: English, Japanese with English subtitles

Synopsis: From the studio that brought you Durarara!! and My Little Monster

“Kae Serinuma believes one thing – princes belong together! As an avid boys’ love fan, she loves nothing more than fantasizing about faux relationships between the boys at her school. But when she loses weight due to the stress of her favorite anime character suddenly dying, the boys want…her?! From pretty average to prettiest girl, Kae just wants these boys to date each other, not her!”

Watch a subtitled trailer for the series below:

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FORMAT: Standard ed. Blu-ray
SRP: Standard Blu-ray – £19.99
Language: English, Japanese with English subtitles

Synopsis: From Masaaki Yuasa, director of Night is Short, Walk on GirlLu Over the Wall and The Tatami Galaxy.

“Nishi has always loved Myon since they were little. And now as adults, he wants to pursue his dream of becoming a manga artist and marrying his childhood sweetheart. There’s one problem, though. She’s already been proposed to and thinks Nishi is too much of a wimp. 

But upon meeting the fiancé while at her family’s diner and accepting him as a good guy, they encounter a couple of yakuza, only to have Nishi grasp a certain revelation. And, with his newly acquired look on life, adventures abound as he, Myon, and her sister, Yan, escape the yakuza into a most unlikely location where they meet an old man… 

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For those of you looking forward to our release of Love Live! Sunshine!!, we’re having a special offer at our web shop until this Thursday (3rd May) on our Ltd Collector’s Ed. Blu-ray release! Worth noting that this product is limited to only 500 units. So don’t miss out on this! Click on the link below for more details.


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