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February 4, 2020 · 1 comment

Image from iOS (60)Earlier this week we brought you an unboxing of our release of the second film in the Code Geass 10th Anniversary trilogy, “Transgression”, but today we’re here to show you how things turned out for our release of the final film in the trilogy, Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion Film III: Glorification, which is available to add to your collection now!

If you’re new to our releases of these films, don’t worry we’ll give you a quick catchup and have got some links of previous posts on standby for you check out too.




Product: Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion III: Glorification
Format: Blu-ray Ltd Collector’s Edition
Release date: 13th January 2020
Cat. No.: ANI0350
Suggested Retail Price: £39.99

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To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the franchise in Japan, three films were created that condense the story of the two seasons of the TV series and additionally add brand-new footage included as well.

The first film in the series, Initiation, was screened in cinemas by ourselves in early 2018 and then released on Blu-ray towards the end of the same year. And then in late 2019 and early 2020 the second film Transgression and third film Glorification were released on Blu-ray respectively.

You can watch the trailer for the first and second films below –

And here’s a clip from the first film too –


Synopsis: This updated theatrical presentation of SUNRISE’s classic mech-infused series comes to its shocking climax in the final film of the trilogy.

With his spell of impressive successes seemingly behind him, Lelouch Lamperouge’s hopes of destroying the Britannian Empire presided over by his father are crumbling at an alarming rate. With his sister kidnapped, his former friend Suzaku ignoring his pleas for help, and his organisation the Black Knights losing their faith in him, the man behind Zero’s mask is left with nowhere to turn. With his power waning and betrayals around him rising, the only option left on Lelouch’s board in this all-or- nothing game of political chess is to take on the Britannian Empire – and his father – from the inside.


Code Geass II: Transgression - coming to Blu-ray on 13th January 2020
Code Geass III: Glorification – released 13th January 2020

And so we come to the final film of this trilogy. As you might expect now you’ve seen our release of the previous two films, we continued the theme established for this series in that the contents will come packed in a rigid case (pictured left) and inside that you’ll find an Amaray case that houses the Blu-ray disc. Additionally there are 8 art cards this time showing off a few moments from the movie, the three original key arts created for the films, and then finally two more showing other art created for the film.

There’s also an A3-sized poster of the artwork featured on the rigid case too; again keeping a theme established with the previous releases.

But wait, there’s more! We know lots of you love to be able to store your completed collection of a series inside a stunning box wherever possible. It’s something we’ve been able to offer on select releases of ours in the past, and given that we’re massive Code Geass fans ourselves we wanted to explore what options there might be to create a box to store the three films in.

So after out production team worked some magic, we were given clearance to bring you a box as part of our release of Film III: Glorification specifically that you can store all three films within, utilising the three original key art designs that were used to unveil the films in Japan!

Check out the visual below –

Code Geass III: Glorification - coming to Blu-ray on 13th January 2020
Code Geass III: Glorification – released on 13th January 2020

We’re sure some of you will want to have a better look at a visual the box itself, so here you go –

The Collector's Box that comes with our Blu-ray Ltd. Collector's Edition release of Code Geass III: Glorification - out 13th January 2020
The Collector’s Box that comes with our Blu-ray Ltd. Collector’s Edition release of Code Geass III: Glorification

Also to note, the storage box will come with all copies of this Limited Collector’s Edition set of Film 3. (Film I: InitiationFilm II: Transgression both sold separately.)



And so we come to photos of the actual product! Check ’em out below and worth noting you can click on the images to enlarge them.

So first of all here’s how it will come packaged when you first get your hands on it

Now that we’ve looked at the outer storage box, let’s get to the rigid case –


And finally, as I’m sure some of you will be curious, here’s how all three films look when stored in the storage box –
*The products of Film I: InitiationFilm II: Transgression pictured below are both sold separately.

And that concludes our unboxing of the final film in this Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion 10th Anniversary film trilogy! We’re super happy with how these all turned out and we hope you love (or will soon love if you’re planning to buy them) having them in your collection!

Image from iOS (60)

Signing out~!



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    February 7, 2020 9:52 pm

    One of the key selling points of these movies isn't that they're recaps/reedits of the two Geass seasons, but rather Code Geass Lelouch of the Re;surrection follows the movie continuality and not the TV series. It wasn't magic that brought Shirley back to life, she just never died in the movies. The TV has its own ending and the movies just do something different.


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