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February 1, 2017 · 3 comments

There are many shows we get asked about pretty regularly and whether there is a chance we will release them. There’s one show in particular that some us here at Anime Limited have been longing for there to be a Blu-ray release of and that is Martian Successor Nadesico. Well today is the day that we are delighted to announce we will be bringing the series to the United Kingdom and Ireland for the first-time on Blu-ray! And it will happen this year!

For those of you not aware of the series, here’s a little background info for you –

Martian Successor Nadesico
Martian Successor Nadesico

ABOUT Martian Successor Nadesico

Synopsis: “Akito Tenkawa doesn’t want to fight. Despite a childhood spent as a fan of the anime Gekiganger 3, a mecha show, he’d rather cook than pilot a mecha. Fate intervenes when his home on Mars is destroyed, and he is mysteriously transported in an instant to the Earth. He has questions no one can fully answer, but follows a girl from a chance meeting in the hope of discovering what has happened to him. The girl, Yurika Misumaru, is captain of the private battleship Nadesico, and in order to follow her, he enlists as the ship’s cook. Possessing the nanite implants that allow him to control mecha, he’s a handy backup pilot for the tactical mecha of the Nadesico, the Aestivalises. He joins a crew bent on avenging Mars and composed of misfits, otaku, and ditzes, but who are in reality handpicked experts. They take their own private war back to Mars to face the harsh reality that life may not always be like a giant mecha series.

(Synopsis from Anime News Network)

To make it known from the outset, we’re still locking down the info on when it will be released. So as soon as we know more we’ll be sure to make it known, but tentatively we’re aiming for summer time.

Check out the trailer for below for a taster.

When it comes to contents and design of our release, we do not have these locked in yet as they are in the approvals phase of things. Until they are finalised we cannot confirm a release date. But with that in mind, to keep you going until we can share more information here’s a little F.A.Q. we’ve prepared on what details we can tell you so far:

F.A.Q. on our Martian Successor Nadesico Blu-ray release

(Information below correct as of 1st February 2017)

  • What format will you be releasing this on?
    We will be releasing a Limited Collector’s Edition Blu-ray set. A standard edition Blu-ray will follow in the future, but it’s entirely possible this won’t be before sometime in 2018.
  • When will you be releasing Ltd Collector’s Edition Blu-ray?
    At time of writing, we do not have a finalised released date. Obviously once we know for sure we’ll make it known, but tentatively we’re hoping this will be released in Summer 2017.
  • What will be on the discs?
    • Included on the discs* in our Collector’s Edition set will be –
      — The complete TV series (26 episodes) with both the English dub and original Japanese with subtitles.
      — The Martian Successor Nadesico movie “The Prince of Darkness”
      —  The Gekiganger 3 OVA **has never been released in the U.K. before**
    • The TV series and Movie will be split over four Blu-ray discs total. In addition to that there will be a bonus DVD of extras – it’s on this bonus disc is where the Gekiganger 3 OVA will be housed. There will be 5 discs total in this set (4 x Blu-ray + 1 x DVD).
    • For your information, the reason the Gekigengar 3 OVA will only be on the DVD disc and not a Blu-ray is simply because there isn’t an upscaled HD version of it available. The OVA was first released in Japan back in early 1998. So this is a case where there aren’t the materials available to be able to create a version suitable for viewing in High Definition.
    • On-disc extras included* on this release will be: Clean Opening and Closing title sequences, Interviews with Actors and Staff, the featurette “Welcome to Belle Equipe”, a “Nadesico Sorekara” special, and a music video.

*Content may be subject to change.

  • Can you confirm the aspect ratio of the series and movie?
    — The TV series will be in 1080p in 4:3 ratio – this is how the series was animated. It will be presented in Pillarbox format to retain it’s original aspect ratio. (For reference, this is the same presentation style as seen our Fullmetal Alchemist, Outlaw Star, Cowboy Bebop and Full Metal Panic releases.)
    — The movie however is 1080p in 16:9 (widescreen) ratio.
  • Will you be bringing the series to DVD in the future?
    As things stand we are only releasing this Blu-ray, but please know that we will look to bring a DVD release in the future. We do not have time-frame on if/when that will be though.
  • Can you show us what the release will look like and what else might be included?
    Additional contents and packaging details are not finalised yet. Until we have full approval on what we have planned we can’t comment on what you can expect from our release.


Until we have more concrete information to share with you about our release it’s very likely won’t be many (if any) updates on this. We know many of you will be very excited about this but we ask for your patience on this and please know as soon as we have any more updates we’ll be sure to share them ASAP.

But if you have any questions on what we’ve said please feel free to ask through Twitter & Facebook or by posting in the comments below and we’ll do our best to answer them. (We will also update the F.A.Q. section above accordingly if there is any more information we can share.)

Signing out~!


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  • Avatar for John


    February 8, 2017 1:05 pm

    Good to see a Bluray release on Region B for once... It's a pain in the proverbial to see the Americans locking most things onto Region A... At least us here in Australia have the blessing of sharing the same region as the UK! :)

  • Avatar for Darth Peppy

    Darth Peppy

    March 3, 2017 6:19 am

    Great to see Nadesico coming out... how about you guys get it togeather and release the recent Wolf's Rain bluray set as well?

  • Avatar for Jack


    March 11, 2017 12:30 am

    When will pre orders be available


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