Anime Limited to release Tokyo Ghoul “Jack” & “Pinto” OVAs

February 17, 2017 · 0 comments

Having released the first two seasons of the very popular Tokyo Ghoul franchise on Blu-ray and DVD, a recurring question we have been asked not only online but at every event we’ve exhibited at has been “will you release the OVAs?”

For the benefit of those not aware, there were two additional OVA episodes made and released in Japan that cover different aspect of the Tokyo Ghoul universe linking into the two seasons. These OVA episodes being “Jack” and “Pinto” respectively.

Well today we’re delighted to announce that we will be bring both of these OVA episodes as an individual release to Blu-ray and DVD this year! It’s worth noting from the outset that there is no English language dub for either OVA, so both are in Japanese with English subtitles only.

In fact you won’t have wait very long for them as they will be available in May 2017 – more details including exact date to follow in the coming months so stay tuned.

Tokyo Ghoul: JACK
Tokyo Ghoul: JACK


This is an adaptation of the Tokyo Ghoul Jack manga, acting a prequel to the Tokyo Ghoul anime and giving a glimpse into the past of the CCG’s early days, along with delving into the past of the CCG’s feared God of Death.

Synopsis: “An incident involving a human-devouring Ghoul occurs in Tokyo’s 13th Ward. To seek the truth behind what happened to his friend, the rebellious high school boy Taishi Fura pursues the Ghoul named Lantern with the young ace investigator Kishō Arima. The story follows how the ace investigator Arima and the talented 7th Ward investigator Taishi Fura first met”

Synopsis source: Anime News Network.


Tokyo Ghoul: PINTO
Tokyo Ghoul: PINTO


Tokyo Ghoul: Pinto is an adaptation of the third in the spin-novel series “Tokyo Ghoul: Piinto (Days) about the lives of human and Ghouls. This story specifically focuses on the past of one of the most memorable characters on the vast cast Tokyo Ghoul, Shuu Tsukiama and how he came to meet high school student and budding photographer, Chie “Little Mouse” Hori.



We’re very excited to be able to bring more of the Tokyo Ghoul universe to the UK & Ireland and we hope you’re excited to be able to add these to your collection too! We’ll have more details in the coming months about this release of ours so please stay tuned for updates as we can bring them.

For those wanting to get in early with pre-ordering, the DVD version is available order now at Amazon UK. (Update. 22nd Feb 2017 – Blu-ray version now listed)



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