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We know a lot of you have patiently waiting for details on when you’ll be able to catch A Silent Voice in cinemas across UK & Ireland. Well today is the day we can tell when and where you’ll be able to see it!

The date for your calendars is Wednesday 15th March 2017, with further select cinemas from Friday 17th March, and the film will be screening in Showcase Cinemas, PictureHouse, ODEON, VUE, Cineworld and other independent locations in UK & Ireland. You can visit our official website for the film – http://asilentvoice.co.uk/ – to see exactly where you’ll be able to catch the film.


For those of you unfamiliar with the film –

A Silent Voice
A Silent Voice


Synopsis: “A heart-wrenching romantic anime drama, A Silent Voice follows a youngster named Shoko. After moving to a new school, Shoko is taunted because of her hearing impairment, principally by Shouya, who leads the class in teasing her. When Shoko is eventually forced to transfer to another school, Shouya’s classmates in turn ostracise him for his cruel behaviour.

Years later, as a young adult, Shouya is riddled with guilt over his humiliation of Shoko. Living an aimless life with no friends, he determines to find her and try to atone. But is it too late, and what might her reaction be?

Check out out exclusive trailer for the film below –



What language will the film be screened in?
In Japanese with English subtitles only. There is currently no English language dub, which is why there are only screenings in Japanese with subtitles.

~ I don’t see a screening listed in my area? Will there be one added?
We’re working closely with our partners to have screenings available in as many locations as possible, however we should stress that ultimately the locations it will be screened in are chosen by the cinemas themselves and not us (Anime Limited / AllTheAnime). So if it is not being listed in your area we encourage to make your cinema aware that you’d really like to see it.

~ How long will it be in cinemas for?
At this stage it’s very difficult to tell. This will depend on the demand to see the film based on how well it performs on 15th March and the select cinemas on 17th March. So if your on the fence about going thinking it might be shown later, we can’t promise that. We strongly encourage you to watch this the first chance you have as it might be your only opportunity to do so.

~ Which cinema chains will be showing the film?
Showcase Cinemas, Picture House, ODEON, VUE, Cineworld and other independent locations in UK & Ireland will be screening the film in various locations.

[Information above correct as of: 22nd Feb. 2017]

And that’s all for now! Stay tuned for more updates on A Silent Voice being screened at cinemas in UK & Ireland.

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