Anime Limited Newswire #2 – 13th Jan. 2015

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Welcome to the second edition of the Anime Limited Newswire. Your weekly catchup on the latest news from us.

First of all our new releases this week are Giovanni’s Island on DVD, Blu-ray and Ultimate Edition DVD+Blu-ray (See our unboxing of the Ultimate Edition HERE) and the Standard Edition Blu-ray set of Space Dandy Season 1 (eps 1-13.)

We know that some of you who had pre-order through Amazon UK did not receive your Giovanni’s Island pre-order on release day. We’ve been in contact with our supplier about this and all going well you should be getting your copy very soon.


Last week in our Newswire we mentioned about a standard edition Blu-ray of Perfect Blue and and standard edition DVD and Blu-ray of Tiger & Bunny – The Beginning being in the works. This week we have some more information for you.

The standard edition Blu-ray of Perfect Blue will be arriving on 2nd February. It will include the Blu-ray disc that was originally in the Collector’s Edition. It will be packaged in a standard sized Blu-ray amaray case. For those of you who like to get in early with pre-ordering, you can find it on Amazon UK HERE. (Artwork is TBC at this time.)

514VWxkdQELThe standard edition of Tiger & Bunny – The Beginning will also be arriving on 16th February. Both will be single disc releases using those originally included in the combo pack version. So the DVD version containing the DVD disc, the Blu-ray version containing the Blu-ray disc. Both will be packed in regular sized amaray cases. Again, if you like to get in early on pre-ordering you can find this on Amazon UK HERE. (Again, artwork is TBC at this time.)

~ Speaking of Tiger & Bunny, in response to the Newswire last week we saw some of you hoping for news relating to Tiger & Bunny – The Rising. While we can’t share concrete details right now, I can say that all going well we’re aiming for it to be available in the UK during the second quarter of this year. Stay tuned for more details on this soon.

~ For those of you looking forward to the release of Kill La Kill Part 2, we’re yet still to confirm the release date but we’re aiming for March. We’ll hopefully have more details on this very soon for you, but if you want to get in early and pre-order it you can do so on Amazon UK HERE.

~ Other titles currently scheduled for a March release (but exact dates/contents are still to be confirmed at this time) are Wings Of Honneamise and the Makoto Shinkai Voices From A Distant Star/The Place Promised In Our Early Days Double Pack.

~ A quick reminder that you can sample a variety of our titles on Netflix UK. This includes our forthcoming title Blood Lad along with the likes of Kill La Kill, Space Dandy Season 1, Samurai Flamenco and more.


~ A reminder for those you who may have been affected by packaging problems with the Ultimate Edition of Gurren Lagann, please make sure you have filled in our survey (HERE) if you haven’t already. We’re anticipating the next wave of digipacks to sent from our supplier within the next few weeks.

SPIKE_01~ We know it’s been quite the wait (and we apologise greatly for that) but we’re happy to report the first wave of Cowboy Bebop replacement Blu-ray discs are being sent this week. Our plan is to have all replacement discs sent out by the end of January (at the latest.) Please note that if you live outside of the UK it may take longer for your replacements to arrive.

~ As things stand there is no update on Durarara!!, it’s taking a lot longer to be able to re-author the discs than originally anticipated. We apologise for this but as soon as there is an update we’ll be sure to make it known.


~ Patema Inverted Kickstarter backers! We know you’ve been waiting patiently for your backer rewards and we’re happy to confirm they’ll be making there way to you very soon! (Keep an eye on your email inboxes over the next week or two for an update relating to this.)



And to conclude this edition of the Newswire, here is a summary of our upcoming releases during the first quarter of this year:

OUT NOW: Giovanni’s Island (DVD, Blu-ray, Ultimate Edition DVD+Blu-ray)
OUT NOW: Space Dandy Standard Edition (Blu-ray)

2nd February: Blood Lad (DVD, Collector’s Edition Blu-ray)
2nd February: Perfect Blue [Standard Edition] (Blu-ray)

16th February: Tiger & Bunny – The Beginning [Standard Edition] (DVD, Blu-ray)

Titles Tentatively Scheduled for March 2015 (Exact dates TBC)
Kill La Kill Part 2 [Collector’s Edition] (DVD, Blu-ray)
Wings Of Honneamise (DVD, Collector’s Edition DVD+Blu-ray)
Makoto Shinkai Voices From A Distant Star/The Place Promised In Our Early Days Double Pack (DVD, Blu-ray)


Thanks for reading and if you have any questions on the above please feel post them in the comments below or via our Twitter and Facebook.

Signing out~!



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