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As many of you know we’re a very ambitious company. We like to try new things, break from the norm and do something unique that makes us proud to be the largest independent anime distributor in the United Kingdom.

Get your ears ready, the FLCL soundtrack is being released on vinyl!
Get your ears ready, the FLCL soundtrack is being released on vinyl!

A couple of years ago we made it known that we were going to be expanding our horizons again with the news that we would be releasing anime soundtracks on vinyl! We’re big fans of soundtracks in general at AllTheAnime HQ, and big fans of vinyl to boot, so this seemed like a natural progression to us.

As this is a new arena for us to enter we wanted to sure we got everything 100% right, and as the entire process of putting together a vinyl record release was something we had to experiment with as we went along, we went dormant on any news to do with this until earlier this year when we announced our first vinyl record release would be coming later in the year in the form of the soundtrack to the classic series, FLCL.

Getting some of the final logistics to do with this has taken a longer than expected, but now your patience will be rewarded as today we’re delighted to confirm all the details you need to know about our first vinyl record release! Read on below for all the details.


Simply put, it’s our chance to make anime soundtracks available in physical form in the United Kingdom & Ireland (and in some instances, other territories too). After establishing ourselves when it comes to anime films and television series releases on home video, we’re taking our love and passion for that to the next level and putting that into soundtracks that you’ll want to own, keep and listen to, again and again.

Who knows where things could ultimately lead, but if some of our past home video releases are anything to go by you know we’re going to our utmost to bring something you’ll need to have in your collection!

FLCL Soundtrack

The artwork being used for the front of the gatefold packaging. (Is also the artwork used for the square print!)
The artwork being used for the front of the gatefold packaging. (Is also the artwork used for the square print!)

Product: FLCL Official Soundtrack
Format: Vinyl record
No. of LPs: 2 x black 180g vinyl
Release date: 11th November 2019
Cat. No.: ANIM0006
Suggested Retail Price: £34.99

Our first release will be the soundtrack of the classic anime series, FLCL on vinyl. To make this clear from the outset, we not only hold the license to this in the United Kingdom, but all English speaking territories.

This will be a 2LP 180g vinyl set. The product itself will have gatefold packaging to keep both LPs inside. Additionally inside there will be liner notes that include the lyrics to the songs included on the set, and exclusively through our AllTheAnime online store for UK & Ireland orders and for North American orders there will be an additional square print included as well!

The track listing for this release is as follows –

FLCL Soundtrack Vinyl – Coming 11th November 2019

02 – Ride on Shooting Star
03 – Sad Sad Kiddie
06 – Instant Music

01 – Rever’s Edge (B-6)
04 – PAIN (A-7)

01 – Comedian’s Gallop
03 – Selfish-b (B-5)
04 – Pink (A-6)
05 – Beautiful Morning With you
06 – Sleepy Head

01 – Bran-new Lovesong
02 – Come Down
03 – Advice ~FLCL Arrange Ver.~

The release date for our first vinyl record release will be 11th November 2019 with a Suggested Retail Price (SRP) of £34.99. Pre-orders for this launching on Friday 6th September 2019 – so tomorrow!


For those in the UK & Ireland you can order this through our AllTheAnime online store using the link below starting tomorrow (Friday 6th Sept.) at 5pm

~ Special Offer ~
From Friday 6th Sept. Thursday 12th Sept. 2019 you can pre-order this from our online shop for £29.99!

And for those of your reading this in North America, will be taking orders for this also from Friday (6th Sept.)


*NOTE: RightStufAnime link above has been updated with the appropriate link


This section is designed to (hopefully) answer some questions you may have that weren’t covered from the information above.

FLCL_question— Do you have the rights to the FLCL anime?
No. We only hold the license to the soundtrack for the anime. The series itself is licensed and released in the UK on Blu-ray and DVD by our friends MVM Entertainment.

— Do you have the rights to FLCL Progressive and FLCL Alternative? Be it the series themselves and/or their soundtracks.
In short, no.

— Will you release the FLCL soundtrack on any format/platform?
As things stand we can only confirm the release state for the vinyl record release. But we do want to make it known we intend to make this available on CD as well in the future. We have no other details to share on that at this time.

— For UK customers, will this be available to order anywhere else?
As things stand this will be available to order exclusively through our online shop.

— I live in North America, when and where can I order this?
For customers in North American, you’ll be able to order this exclusively from Pre-orders will launch on their site on Friday 6th Sept.

— Will I be available to order from anywhere else if I’m in North America?
It’s available to order exclusive through only.

— Is this a limited edition product like your other collector’s editions?
Yes. It’s a one-time print run.

— Can you talk about where the master tapes for the music being used in your release have come from?
The masters used for this vinyl record were supplied by our partners in Japan, King Records, who we have worked very closely with to ensure the best quality possible for this release.

— I appreciate you could just respond with “as large as a 12″ vinyl“, but can you share the exact dimensions of the packaging the LPs will be held in?
Sure thing! The gatefold if 313mm x 313mm square with an 8mm spine. With the gatefold opened, it works out at 634mm wide.

— Can you confirm the size of the square print and liner noes?
Yes! They’ll both be slightly smaller than the packaging itself, so they both fit inside without being folded. They both be 300mm x 300mm.

— What’s the required playback speed of this record?

— Are there more vinyl releases in the works?
Yes! We’re got multiple projects on the go when it comes to vinyl records – one of them being the soundtrack to the film A Silent Voice; more to follow on that in the coming months – but it’s worked out that we’ll be kicking things with our release of FLCL. Also, the catalogue number doesn’t represent a single format of product, so don’t read too much into the number itself.

— Many moons ago I received a discount code for the online shop to be used on a purchase of a vinyl record. Is that still valid?
Providing you’ve not used it on any other product, yes! (A quick note that this discount code is only applicable to those who placed an order for one of our Christmas 2017 Mystery Boxes – yes it was that long ago, I wasn’t joking when I said it was a couple of years ago we first announced plans for vinyl record releases. Any order using the discount code will be validated.)

— I have a question that’s not covered in the above information. What’s the best way to contact you to ask it?
Feel free to reach out to us on our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) or you can email us at

That’s everything you need to know about our FLCL soundtrack release on vinyl! Don’t forget that pre-orders launch tomorrow (6th Sept.) We hope you’re as excited to own this as we are to bring it to you!

Signing out~!


© 2000 King Record Co., Ltd. Tokyo Japan © 1999 I.G/GAINAX/KGI

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