English dub of “Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms” confirmed!

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We know a lot of you enjoyed being able to see the directorial debut of Mari Okada (writer of Kiznaiver, scriptwriter of The Anthem of the Heart), Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms, subtitled on the big screen in June. Well today we have some exciting news to share are we are delighted to confirm that an English language dub for the film is being produced!

That’s right, and we can tell you it’s been produced by us (Anime Ltd./All The Anime) and handled by the great folks at NYAV Post NY•LA, the same studio that produced the English language dubs for your name.A Silent Voice and Mai Mai Miracle. What’s more, we can also confirm that this dub will be included on our upcoming home video release of film! (More details to follow on that as we can bring it, but for now you can find placeholder listings at our AllTheAnime online shop HERE which will be updated accordingly.)

But before we tell you about who is involved in the English dub of Maquia, we (Anime Ltd./All The Anime) wanted to create a new trailer for the film that also shows you some snippets of this English dub we’ve produced. We’re delighted to show this preview which you can watch below right now.

Now we want to take a few moments to highlight the cast and crew involved in the English language audio. Read on below for the details:











Maquia – Voiced by Xanthe Huynh


Ariel (child)_headshot







Ariel – Voiced by Eddy Lee
Teenage Ariel – Voiced by Ryan Shanahan
Childhood Ariel (pictured left) – Voiced by Barnaby Lafayette










Leilia – Voiced by Cherami Leigh










Krim – Voiced by Kevin T. Collins









Lang – Voiced by Michael Schnieder
Young Lang (pictured) – Spencer Rosen










Mido – Voiced by Allegra Clark









Dita – Voiced by Ryan Bartley
Young Dita (pictured) – Catie Harvey










Racine – Lipica Shah


Isol headshot








Izor – Marc Thompson









Medmel – Brooklyn Nelson
Young Medmel – Courtney Chu











Barou – Daniel J Edwards


And now here is the full English credits for you –


Maquia                                  Xanthe Huynh
Ariel                                      Eddy Lee
Teenage Ariel                       Ryan Shanahan
Childhood Ariel                   Barnaby Lafayette
Leilia                                     Cherami Leigh
Krim                                      Kevin T. Collins

Lang                                     Michael Schneider
Mido                                     Allegra Clark
Dita                                       Ryan Bartley
Racine                                  Lipica Shah
Izor                                       Marc Thompson
Medmel                                Brooklyn Nelson
Young Medmel                    Courtney Chu
Barou                                   Daniel J Edwards

Marzarte King                      Mike Pollock
Prince Hazel                        Michael Schneider
Darel                                    HD Quinn
Old Woman                         Ryan Bartley
Proprietress                        Lolita Lafayette

Baiera King                        Marc Thompson
Millia                                   Pheobe Quinn
Lilly                                    AnnaBelle Deaner

Hyke                                   Wanye Grayson
Riko                                    Graham Halstead
Jack                                    Christian La Monte
Eido                                    Ben Phillips

Additional Voices –

Ryan Bartley
Camden Carter
Courtney Chu
Allegra Clark
AnnaBelle Deaner
Michael Deaner
Daniel J Edwards
Wayne Grayson
Graham Halstead
Christian La Monte
Lolita Lafayette
Eddy Lee
Ben Phillips
Mike Pollock
Spencer Rosen
Michel Schneider
Ryan Shanahan
Jason Simon
Marc Thompson



Voice Direction                 Kevin T. Collins, Michael Schneider

Casting                              Stepahnie Sheh, Kevin T. Collins, Michael Schneider

Recording Engineering    Michael Schneider, Stephanie Sheh

Audio Mixing                     Oscar Garcia

Script Adaptation             Christian La Monte

Spotting                             Marianne Miller

Production Supervision   Clark Cheng

Production Assistance     Chelsea Rodgers

Recorded at                        NYAV Post NY•LA

Executive Producer           Andrew Partridge

And there you have it! This wonderful cast and production team have been hard at work to help bring the film to many new viewers as well as those who have already experienced the film in its native Japanese audio with English subtitles. We hope you’re looking forward to it experiencing this later this year.

We will add that, while not 100% certain at this time, we are investigating whether or not it might be possible to hold a theatrical premiere screening of the dub ahead of our home video release. Obviously if there’s any development on that we’ll be sure to make it known.

Stay tuned for more details and previews of our home video release of Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms coming soon to Blu-ray and DVD in the UK & Ireland.

Signing out~!


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