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It’s May the 1st, and you know what that means? It’s time for us to Morris dance for you announce our latest round of Early Bird pre-orders!

It’s another exciting month ahead, culminating in our return to MCM London Comic Con (more on that soon!), but for now let’s focus on what’s coming to our store this month!

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Are you ready for a close encounter of the collector’s kind?

May new releases

First up, let’s talk about what’s going to be hitting retail shelves (and your doorsteps) over the course of May!

Monday 1st May
JUJUTSU KAISEN – Season 1 Part 2 Collector’s Edition Blu-ray
JUJUTSU KAISEN – Season 1 Part 2 Standard Edition Blu-ray

Monday 8th May
Goodbye, Don Glees! Collector’s Edition Blu-ray/DVD/CD
Goodbye, Don Glees! Standard Edition Blu-ray
Goodbye, Don Glees! Standard Edition DVD

Monday 15th May
Ajin: Demi-Human Season 2 – Standard Edition Blu-ray
Free! The Final Stroke Part 1 – Collector’s Edition DVD/Blu-ray
Levius Collector’s Edition Blu-ray+CD
March Comes in Like a Lion Season 1 Part 1 – Standard Edition Blu-ray
March Comes in Like a Lion Season 1 Part 2 – Standard Edition Blu-ray
Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online Part 2 – Standard Edition Blu-ray
Summer Ghost – Standard Edition Blu-ray
Summer Ghost – Standard Edition DVD

Monday 22nd May
Looking for Magical Doremi Collector’s Edition DVD/Blu-ray

Monday 29th May
Pompo the Cinephile Collector’s Edition Blu-ray
Pompo the Cinephile – Standard Edition Blu-ray

May pre-orders

Now, onto the juicy new stuff – let’s see what you’ll be able to pre-order this month!

The House of the Lost on the Cape

It doesn’t really need to be reiterated how much we love to bring you fascinating and thought-provoking original film, and we can’t think of many recent movies which fit the bill more than this one.

The House of the Lost on the Cape (aka Misaki no Mayoiga) is based on a novel by Sachiko Kashiwaba (Birthday Wonderland; The Marvelous Village Veiled in Mist which influenced Spirited Away), and is a critically-acclaimed, emotional remembrance of the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami which commemorates the 10th anniversary of that devastating natural disaster.

Our Collector’s Edition features the film on both DVD and Blu-ray, housed within an Amaray case which is itself stored in a rigid collector’s slipcase and an O-card. Bringing the film to life and giving you plenty of additional context and details to learn more about the work, also included is an info-packed 24-booklet featuring staff interviews as well as an examination of the history, locations and folklore of the film.

Product: The House of the Lost on the Cape
Release date: 
Monday 19th June 2023
SRP: £39.99
Pre-orders open: Thursday 4th May 2023
Pre-order price: £24.99

Lo-Fi City Pop

Now for something completely different – hot on the heels of the Lo-Fi Ghibli vinyl we offered up in conjunction with our friends at P-VINE vinyl last Christmas, we now have some more lo-fi goodness for you this month!

Following the release of Lo-Fi Ghibli in 2022; lo-fi hip-hop covers of classic Ghibli songs, the underground hip-hop producer Grey October Sound and P-VINE delight to release a cover album of lo-fi hip-hop arrangements of Japanese City-Pop classics!

The album features world-famous city-pop classics covered in lo-fi hip-hop arrangements, including covers of “Mayonaka no Door ~ stay with me” by Miki Matsubara, “Fly-Day Chinatown” by Yasuha and Taeko Onuki’s “Tokai”, which opened up the recent global popularity of city pop, as well as classic tracks by Tatsuro Yamashita, Mariya Takeuchi and Yumi Arai. The cute artwork with the traditional style of Lo-Fi Girl and city pop is by Rika Hase, who also designed the Lo-Fi Ghibli cover.

Product: Lo-Fi City Pop
Release date: 
24th July 2023
SRP: £39.99
Pre-orders open: Thursday 11th May

Ghibli Jazz / Anime Jazz

And that’s not all! If lo-fi isn’t your jam, then how about some jazz? Well, this month we’re also bringing you a collection of jazz anime covers, from the soundtracks of Studio Ghibli through to a whole range of broader anime covers? Want to hear music from K-ON!! in a jazz style? How about the opening to NEON GENESIS EVANGELION?

If that doesn’t sell you on these albums, we don’t know what will!

 Ghibli Jazz Volume 1
Release date: 
24th July 2023
SRP: £39.99
Pre-orders open: Thursday 11th May

Product: Ghibli Jazz Volume 2
Release date: 
24th July 2023
SRP: £39.99
Pre-orders open: Thursday 11th May

 Anime That Jazz Volume 1 – EVENING!
Release date: 
24th July 2023
SRP: £39.99
Pre-orders open: Thursday 11th May

Product: Anime That Jazz Volume 2
Release date: 
24th July 2023
SRP: £39.99
Pre-orders open: Thursday 11th May


We know a lot of you got to marvel at the one-man stop-motion tour de force which was JUNK HEAD at the end of April, and whether you got to see it on the big screen or missed out on the opportunity we didn’t want to wait another moment to bring you the ability to check out this sensational film in your own home.

As well as featuring the film itself on Blu-ray, you’ll also find a replica of the Japanese theatrical poster for the film alongside a 32-page booklet crammed with info about the movie. Of course all of this is contained with a rigid slipcase, with the Blu-ray disc living within an Amaray case.

Whatever you do, don’t miss this masterpiece on Blu-ray!

Product: JUNK HEAD
Release date: 
26th June 2023
SRP: £39.99
Pre-orders open: 18th May 2023
Pre-order price: £24.99

Princess Jellyfish

To close out the month, we have a bit of a surprise for you – we’ve been keeping quiet on this one for a little while, but now we can officially tell you that Princess Jellyfish is retuning to the UK on Blu-ray, in our inimitable Collector’s Edition form!

This joyous tale of love, comradeship and Cnidaria is replete with beautiful artwork, and we’ve leveraged as much of it as possible for our all-new Collector’s Edition, which sees the Blu-ray discs stored within an Amaray case, which itself sits snugly inside a rigid slipcase. Also contained within is a 32-page booklet exploring the characters and art of the series alongside staff interviews and more.

There’s no better way to glow up your anime collection, so grab some tequila and get set for our pre-orders opening at the end of the month!

Product: Princess Jellyfish Collector’s Edition
Release date: 
12th June 2023
SRP: £59.99
Pre-orders open: 18th April 2023
Pre-order price: £34.99

That’s another exciting month outlined for you all – which pre-orders are you most excited for? Be sure to let us know what catches your eye! Until next time, take care!

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