Penguin Highway screenings at Japan Foundation Film Touring Programme

January 23, 2019 · 3 comments

We know a lot of you enjoy watching anime on the big screen, and hot on the heels of the exciting news yesterday that Mirai has been nominated for an Oscar, today we want to talk about another film in our catalogue – a film that will be receiving some limited screenings across the UK very soon as part of the annual Japan Foundation Film Touring Programme, that being Penguin Highway.

Some of you may already be aware the film is screening as part of the touring programme thanks to the blog post we published recently putting a focus on various films in the lineup. In case you missed it, give that a read HERE.

Penguin Highway received its UK Premiere last year and those who saw the film came out having thoroughly enjoyed themselves. The Telegraph’s review of the film gave it a 4★ rating describing it as “a heart-warming, hormonal mix of Twin Peaks and Studio Ghibli”.


© 2018 Tomihiko Morimi, KADOKAWA / Penguin Highway Production Committee
© 2018 Tomihiko Morimi, KADOKAWA / Penguin Highway Production Committee

Synopsis: “Aoyama is a serious 10 year-old boy who records all of his day-to-day experiences in his notebook. One day in May, penguins inexplicably appear in his home town, despite being located a long way from the sea. When Aoyama sees “Big Sis” – a young woman who works at a dentist’s office – drop a soft drink can which inexplicably turns into a penguin, he decides to investigate and resolve the mystery behind these strange events.

Together with his classmates, Aoyama happens upon a strange phenomena which is surely the key to these goings-on. Will their investigation bear fruit, and just how is “Big Sis” linked to these occurrences?

This film marks the first feature-length film from animation Studio Colorido (Typhoon Noruda), produced in conjunction with Fuji Television. The film’s story is based on a novel written by Tomihiko Morimi, who you might recognise as the author of Night is Short, Walk on GirlThe Tatami Galaxy and The Eccentric Family, while the movie is directed by an exciting young upcoming director in the form of Hiroyasu Ishida and character designs are provided by Yojiro Arai (whose animation credits include Napping Princess and Flip Flappers).

You can watch a subtitled trailer for the film below –

If you want to read more about the film, have a read of this piece by Jonathan Clements at our blog HERE.


penguin-highway-031The Japan Foundation Film Touring Programme runs from 2nd February – 28th March and will be screening the Penguin Highway in the following locations –

(Please note that at time of writing not all ticket links are up, so we’ve linked to the appropriate cinema website in its place.)


*Update: 4th Feb. 2019 – Above updated with booking links for Dundee & Colchester.
*Update 22nd Feb. 2019 – Nottingham booking link added.

If you’re able to get to one of these screenings we hope you enjoy yourselves! Make sure you visit the official website of the Japan Foundation Film Touring Programme for details on the complete lineup of films they’re screening.

Signing out~!



  • Avatar for Ben Leslie

    Ben Leslie

    January 23, 2019 6:55 pm

    Will there be any screenings for Newcastle?

    • Avatar for jeremy


      January 23, 2019 6:57 pm

      It's just those screenings as things stand. If there are any additional ones added we'll be sure to make it known. ^JG

  • Avatar for Kimiko


    April 20, 2019 3:32 am

    Apparently I've been living under a rock this year. I only just found out about Penguin Highway, and after quickly googling to find out if you guys had scored the license and were planning any cinema screenings, have just discovered that I missed all these T~T Is it likely that there'll be any more screenings? An Odeon release perhaps? *keeps fingers crossed* x >.^ x


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