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September 15, 2017 · 2 comments

In a previous post (SEE HERE) we detailed what you can expect from our home video release of Your Name in November. In that post we mentioned there would be a Ltd Deluxe Edition version coming that at the time we couldn’t reveal details of. Well, we’re happy to say today we can tell you about what you can expect from our Ltd Deluxe Edition version of Your Name.

‘Your Name’ ltd Deluxe Edition details




UPDATE: 2nd Nov., 12:00 – Image updated to show full Deluxe Edition contents, including additional bracelet

— Where can you buy it?
This release be available exclusively at and through our web shop, while stocks lasts. This release will be limited to 2000 units total.

Expect to be listing this very soon (with this page being updated accordingly once the link has gone live) and you’ll be able to order it from our web shop in the near future as well.

UPDATE: 18th Sept., 17:00 – are now taking pre-orders for the Deluxe Edition of Your Name

Order at HERE

UPDATE: 20th Sept., 17:00 – is now taking orders for the Deluxe Edition of Your Name

Order at


What’s the release date of this?
As we mentioned in the other post (SEE HERE), this Ltd Deluxe Edition version will be coming out slightly later than other versions of the film we’re releasing. This is due to production timelines. But the date for your diaries is 23rd November 2017.

What will it include?
You will get the following –

  • The film, Your Name, on both Blu-ray and DVD. (contents on the discs being identical to other versions we’re releasing – SEE HERE for details.)
  • The Japanese soundtrack CD by RADWIMPS
  • A 128 page Art Book
  • 10 Art Cards, one of these being uniquely numbered that will act as a certificate of authenticity
  • A folded A3 poster
  • UPDATE: 2nd Nov., 12:00 – The final item included with the package is a replica of Mitsuha’s iconic bracelet from the film


Height wise, this will be the same as Collector’s Edition style products of ours, so it will look nice and uniform on your shelf next to other releases in your collection. The release itself will come packed in a rigid case that will store all the contents noted above, including a digipack to hold the three discs (Blu-ray + DVD + CD).

UPDATE: 15th Sept. @ 9:29pm –  We’ve had a number of people asking what’s inside the art book that’s included in this Deluxe Edition release. So we’ve added the question below to confirm those details 🙂
— What’s in the Art Book
The contents of the 128-page art book are translated into English from the original Japanese release. Included in this book is the following –

  • Cast and Music Interviews: these interviews with the Japanese voice cast RADWIMPS, the band who provided the soundtrack to the film.
  • Cross Talk: Japanese staff talk and roundtable discussion
  • Illustrations: Key visuals and a collection of illustrations for magazines and merchandise
  • Pre-Production Materials: The original proposal by director Makoto Shinkai; Your Name. started from here
  • Q&A with director Makoto Shinkai: this is massive, if we do say so ourselves. The amount of topics covered is pretty staggering! Well worth your time reading.


— Langage options on discs
As we’ve just updated in the other post (SEE HERE) we can confirm we are working to include the audio option of English language with the Japanese Soundtrack by RADWIMPS into our release. This means the language options in all of our releases will be as follows –

  • Japanese language (with English subtitles) with the Japanese version of the soundtrack by RADWIMPS
  • English language with the English version of the soundtrack by RADWIMPS
  • English language with the Japanese version of the soundtrack by RADWIMPS


What’s the price?
The suggested retail price for this is £59.99. However, that is not indicative of the price that and/or will charge for this product – meaning it will be cheaper than that 😉


And that is what you need to know about this Ltd Deluxe Edition version of Your Name, out on 23rd November. Stay tuned to and for ordering information.

Signing out~!



— Will you be doing a 4K/UHD Blu-ray release of this?
As things stand, no. This is because it is incredibly cost prohibitive to be able to create a 4K/UHD Blu-ray master versus the demand for that format in the United Kingdom. Now we should stress, this isn’t to say we’ll never release one because circumstances can change. But as much as we’d love to do so, at time of writing (August 2017) we do not have plans to release a 4K/UHD Blu-ray of Your Name.

— Can you not include the English language soundtrack CD with your release as well?
In short, no. This is for a number of reasons but one of the primary reasons is that it would have increased the overall price of our release.

[NOTE: This F.A.Q. was originally posted in THIS PAGE HERE. Please visit that link to read the full F.A.Q.


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    September 15, 2017 4:17 pm

    What makes this set different to the Limited Collector's Edition that's listed on, please?

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    Jonathan McGeary

    September 18, 2017 11:18 pm

    Who will be sending the first edition of the box set


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