Newswire #36 – 8th Sept. 2015

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It’s time for a packed edition of your weekly Anime Limited Newswire. Featuring updates on Mobile Suit Gundam, Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya, 009 Re:Cyborg, Sword Art Online II and more.


~ First of all 009 Re:Cyborg. We are officially under one week away from it (finally) being released! Our UK Limited Edition Blu-ray/DVD set contains both 3D  and 2D versions of the film plus a slew of extra content, both on-disc and in the booklet that comes with set. Check out our full unboxing of the set HERE.

~ Speaking of 009 Re:Cyborg, yesterday we released a preview clip along with part 2 of the Kenji Kamiyama Q&A from the European Premiere in London. You can watch both of them below.

Illustration of Kotmoi Deai (left), photo of Hiroshi Shimizu (right)

~ Yesterday it was announced that MCM Scotland Comic Con will host two guests from Japan. WIT Studio’s Kotomi Deai and Hiroshi Shimizu will be attending the event across the weekend. Attendees will have the chance to meet both guests during signing sessions across the weekend (Times TBC) and, as has become traditional when there are guests from Japan at MCM event, there will be an Anime Guests Of Honour Panel (day/time TBA.)

Kotomi Deai is an anime Director who recently helmed the series The Rolling Girls. Other credits include directing the second season of Silver Spoon and being Assistant Director on Shinichiro Watanabe’s series, Kids On The Slope.

Hiroshi Shimizu is an Animation Director who has worked on the Studio Ghibli classic Porco Rosso, Princess Mononoke and Only Yesterday. Other credits include the original Fullmetal Alchemist series, Space Dandy and Mamoru Hosoda’s The Girl Who Leapt Through Time.

Out 21st September (Click on photo to enlarge)

~ Looking ahead, 21st September sees the release of Sword Art Online II Part 1 on DVD and Limited Collector’s Edition Blu-ray/DVD. We posted an image earlier today giving you a give glimpse of the finished Collector’s Edition. (You can click on the image, left, to see a higher quality version of it.) We’ll have a full unboxing of it later this week so be sure to keep an eye out for that.

~ You’ll recall that we previously mentioned that our Limited Collector Edition Blu-ray of Tokyo Ghoul, out 28th September, is limited to 1000 units across all retailers. Well if you’re on the fence about pre-ordering it you might want to do it sooner rather than later.

We don’t often say such things as this three weeks away from its release, but given we know a lot of you are excited to get you hands on it we wanted to give fair warning now that demand is high for this title.

Let’s cast our minds back to before we released Kill la Kill Part 3. We made mention of the fact that we’d make it known once the allocation of the Limited Edition UK Exclusive box was nearing its limit. So this is a quick note from us to make it known that if you’re planning to buy the DVD version and want that box to accompany it you’ll really want to think about purchasing it sooner rather than later as the stock current stock with retailers is all that left. (Meaning no more are being produced.)

I will add that we are currently exploring what options may be available to us when it comes to Kill la Kill on DVD in the future, but we haven’t got any confirmation on what might be possible at this time. As things stands, and as we’ve previously talked about, we are currently only allowed to release a Collector’s Edition versions on both formats, but we are strictly limited on the number units produced. We are hoping we might be able to produce a Standard Edition version of the series in some form in the future, but as mentioned we don’t know if that is indeed a possibility at this time.

~ For those of you excited about our upcoming release of Mobile Suit Gundam Part 1 we had some exciting news late last week. Our release of Part 1 in November will come with a UK Exclusive Limited Edition box to store the series, but the box is only limited to 1000 units. Please give THIS a read for all the details.

~ Looking ahead, today we can confirm that both the DVD and Limited Collector’s Edition Blu-ray versions of Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya had their release dates amended and will now be available from 2nd November. This date change has come about due a delay in the approvals process.

However despite this news, today we had our plans for the Limited Collector’s Edition Blu-ray version signed off and we are now able to show you the first visual of what you can expect with our release. (You can click on the image below to enlarge it.)PRISMAILLYA_3D-open copy_CERT TBC

As we had previously mentioned, it will come packed with a rigid case with a digipack to hold the discs. In additional to that it will come with a booklet and 4 tarot cards. You can pre-order your copy today from the likes of Amazon UK, Zavvi and our web shop. As mentioned above this will now be available from 2nd November.

~ Excited for our Full Metal Panic Ultimate Edition release? We’re hoping we might able to share some imagery of what you can expect next week.

~ In case you missed the news, Anime Limited is the official sponsor of the Scotland Loves Anime film festival in Glasgow and Edinburgh this year. The entire lineup has been announced and tickets for all the screenings are available now! Details on each of the films can be found at

Tickets for Glasgow screenings can be found HERE
Tickets for Edinburgh screenings can be found HERE

~ We released the latest episode of our Podcast yesterday. You can get all the details on it HERE.


Looking at our simulcast lineup for this season as a whole it stands at:

The Heroic Legend Of Arslan (continuing from last season)
Aoharu x Machinegun (aka Aoharu x Kikanjuu)
Castle Town Dandelion
Chaos Dragon
Blood Blockade Battlefront

At time of writing Episode 22 is not available on Viewster yet, but should be soon. You can watch last weeks Episode 21 of The Heroic Legend of Arslan HERE.

Episode 10 of Aoharu x Machinegun is now live at Viewster. Watch it HERE.

At time of writing Episode 10 of Castle Town Dandelion is set to launch soon. In the interim Episode 9 is still available to watch HERE.

If you’ve yet to check out GANGSTA., this weeks episode recaps events of the series thus far. You can check it out HERE. You can still watch last weeks Episode 9 HERE.

Episode 10 of Chaos Dragon are available now on Viewster HERE.

The first 11 episodes of Blood Blockade Battlefront are available to watch at Viewster HERE. The air date for the final episode has not been set yet.


Durarara!! Limited Edition
The latest round of confirmation messages were sent earlier today. We’re currently waiting on a new delivery of replacement discs, so once we have that the next wave will be sent. If you’ve yet to apply for discs please follow the steps of filling out the survey AND emailing us your proof of purchase. (Simply doing one of the two steps is not enough.)

If you have questions or concerns about your replacement request please feel free to email Jeremy on If you have yet to apply for replacement discs please follow all the guidelines HERE.


Here’s the list of upcoming events we’ll be attending. More specific information will be posted closer to the events themselves.

MCM Scotland Comic Con, 26th-27th September
Scotland Loves Anime – Glasgow, 9th-11th October
Scotland Loves Anime – Edinburgh, 12th-18th October
MCM London Comic Con, 23rd-25th October
MCM Birmingham Comic Con, 21st-22nd November



Here is the most up-to-date version of our release schedule.

OUT NOW: Space Dandy Season 2 [Collector’s Edition] (DVD, Blu-ray)
OUT NOW: Space Dandy Complete Season 1 & 2 Set (DVD only)

14th September: 009 Re:Cyborg (Collector’s Edition Blu-ray/DVD combi)

21st September: Sword Art Online II: Part 1 (Collector’s Edition Blu-ray/DVD combi, DVD)

28th September: Tokyo Ghoul Season 1 (Collector’s Edition Blu-ray, DVD)

26th October: Ping Pong The Animation (Blu-ray, DVD)
26th October: Sword Art Online II: Part 2 (Collector’s Edition Blu-ray+DVD combi, DVD)

2nd November: Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad – The Complete Collection (DVD)
2nd November: Fate/kaleid liner Prisima Illya (Collector’s Edition Blu-ray, DVD)*
16th November: Samurai Flamenco: Part 1 (Blu-ray **subtitle-only release**)
30th November: Fusé: Memoirs of a Huntress (Collector’s Edition Blu-ray+DVD combi)
30th November: Mobile Suit Gundam: Part 1 of 2 [tentative title] (Blu-ray)*

[TBC November/December] Baccano! (Collector’s Edition Blu-ray)*
[TBC December] Mobile Suit Gundam: Part 2 of 2 [tentative title] (Blu-ray)*
7th December: Full Metal Panic Ultimate Edition [Season 1 + Fumoffu + The Second Raid] (Blu-ray)
7th December: A Letter To Momo (Blu-ray, DVD)
14th December: Sword Art Online II: Part 3 (Collector’s Edition Blu-ray+DVD combi, DVD)
14th December: Gankutsuou: The Count Of Monte Cristo (Blu-ray)
21st December: Gundam: Reconguista In G Part 1 (Blu-ray **subtitle-only release**)

*Tentative date

We should be able to confirm specific dates soon for those marked as tentative.

Signing out~!


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