New Releases: 11th March 2019

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Greetings one and all! Yes, I know what you’re all thinking… “Oh yeah, Anime Limited used to do new release posts all the time, when was the last time we saw one of those?” And yes, you’d be right to ask that, as we’ve been decidedly lax in dropping you reminders of our latest releases in this for quite a while – much like going to the gym and all of the best habits, it’s a hard one to keep.

But here we are, dusting off our best trainers and getting down to some mental gymnastics back on the New Release news post train, so join us as we take a look at this week’s new release, as well as a reminder of another recent (and long-awaited) title that you may have missed. Without further ado, let’s jump on the new release treadmill!



Amanchu BD standard_ANFORMAT: Standard Edition Blu-ray (also available on Collector’s Edition Blu-ray)
SRP: Standard Edition Blu-ray – £34.99 | Collector’s Edition Blu-ray – £59.99
LANGUAGE: Japanese with English subtitles

Synopsis: After moving from Tokyo to a small seaside town, 15-year-old Futaba is captivated by the ocean views and the vast expanse of water which she finds laid out before her. Unbeknownst to her, Futaba’s fascination is shared by Hikari, who has lived in the town her entire life, and the two girl’s lives intermingle unexpectedly when the introverted Futaba meets the outgoing and exuberant Hikari as one of her new classmates.

Before she knows it, a whole new world is opened up to Futaba – a sparkling, shimmering world that exists under the sea, as her new-found friend helps her confront her fears and anxieties through the form of scuba diving.

As her circle of friends grows, and with her confidence burgeoning, so Futaba finds the strength and self-assuredness to grow and develop with the support of those around her in this quietly touching and charming tale of friendship and finding yourself, lovingly animated by J.C. Staff

Contents: Contains the complete series (12 episodes) plus the OVA episode 13 in Japanese with English subtitles. On-disc extras consist of textless opening and closing animation, plus seven “Dive into Seaworld” shorts.

You can watch an official trailer and clips for the series below:


Why not buy the series right here, right now from our own web shop? As well as this new Blu-ray Standard Edition, you can also still purchase our Blu-ray Collector’s Edition, which also features a 50-page hardback art book, two sheets of fun stickers, and Collector’s Edition packaging.

Our Standard Edition of the series is also available from the following retailers:

order at Amazon Order at Anime-on-Line

You can also purchase the Collector’s Edition from:

order at Amazon Order at Zavvi Order at Base Order at Anime-on-Line

– Learn more about the series
– See a full unboxing of our Blu-ray Collector’s Edition set


Pigtails and Other Production I.G Shorts

PIGTAILS_collector_3D-topview (3)_500x500FORMAT: Collector’s Edition Blu-ray+DVD – Standard Edition Blu-ray+DVD coming soon on 25th March
SRP: Collector’s Edition Blu-ray/DVD – £59.99 | Standard Edition Blu-ray/DVD – £24.99
LANGUAGE: Japanese with English subtitles

Synopsis: “A Blu-ray/DVD set bringing together 5 short films from world famous Production I.G (Ghost in the Shell, B: The Beginning, Eden of the East, Giovanni’s Island) to Blu-ray and DVD for the first-time in the United Kingdom! This collection includes the short films:

  • Pigtails
  • Kick-Heart
  • Li’l Spider Girl
  • Drawer Hobs
  • Oval x Over


Pigtails Synopsis: “Production I.G’s animated short film based on Machiko Ky’s Mitsuami no Kami-sama (Braided Pig-Tail Deity) manga, won the Platinum Remi Award in the Classic Cel Animation Category at the WorldFest Houston International Film Festival. The story centres around a pigtailed girl who lives alone in a solitary house by the sea after an unspecified disaster.”

A truly fascinating collection of films, most of which is available for the first time in the west exclusively in this release!

Contents: This set comes packed in a rigid case with a digipack to store the two discs. In addition to that two books are included!

First there’s the 156-page Pigtails Storyboard Book that has been translated into English! Giving you some fascinating insight into the creation of the short film. And then we also have the 140-page Material Archive! This book gives you information and imagery relating to all the shorts included in this set. You will get an overview of each along with background information on the director, staff and cast of each. And there’s even character and background art from each short film as well.

You can watch trailers for some of the shorts contained within this collection – as well as an unboxing of our Collector’s Edition – below:


Our sumptuous Collector’s Edition of this release is actually an exclusive product at our online store – you can pick up a copy right now (alongside our Standard Edition Blu-ray/DVD release) right now below.


Our Standard Edition of this short film collection is also available for pre-order ready for its 25th March release from other retailers at the links below:

order at Amazon Order at Zavvi Order at Base Order at Anime-on-Line

– Enjoy an interview with Pigtails’ director, Yoshimi Itazu
– Learn more about the contents of this release
– Check out video and photo unboxings of our glorious Collector’s Edition!

So there you have it – whether you’re looking for fun and frolics exploring the ocean, or an incredible smorgasbord of animation talent, we’ve got just what you need!

We’ll be back next Monday as Kiznaiver comes to Standard Edition Blu-ray, so we’ll see you then!

~Andy H

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