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With just hours left until our Early Bird deal on this title expires at the time of writing, hot off the presses our finished stock of the wonderful Angelic Layer on Collector’s Edition Blu-ray has arrived prior to its 24th September 2018 retail release! What better time to take a look at what our forthcoming release of this CLAMP classic has to offer?

Firstly though, a reminder that you can pre-order up Angelic Layer from the AllTheAnime.com online store right now at the link below:

Order from AllTheAnime.com

Until midnight tonight (13th September 2018), you can order our Angelic Layer Limited Collector’s Edition Blu-ray at its Early Bird price of just £34.99, so don’t miss out! Come September the 14th, this title will be available for pre-order at its regular price of £41.99.



From the amazing minds and pens of legendary all-female creative team CLAMP, it’s the coming-of-age adventure that’s become an all-time classic!

Synopsis: “From the moment twelve-year-old Misaki Suzuhara arrives in Tokyo to live with her aunt, she finds herself swept away by the amazing world of Angelic Layer – a fast-paced, high-tech game where dolls called Angels are controlled by the thoughts of their operator.

Discovering that her new friends are as interested in Angelic Layer as she is, Misaki builds her own Angel and begins competing in battles where will and determination count far more than size and strength.  Can Misaki handle the pressure of the national championships while struggling to adapt to life in an unfamiliar city?

Check out a trailer for the series below:



Our Limited Collector’s Edition Blu-ray set comes packed in a rigid case sporting a spot UV finish for a heavenly look on your shelf. Inside the case you’ll find a three-tray Digipak pack to hold the three Blu-ray discs, and a 40-page art book featuring a plethora of artwork from the series.

On the discs themselves you get –

  • The complete series of Angelic Layer (all 26 episodes) in both English audio, and Japanese with English subtitles.
  • On-disc extras across the three discs are: Episode Audio Commentaries (featuring the English voice cast), Production Artwork Gallery, Clean Opening and Closing Title Sequences.


You can order your copy right now from the following retailers:

Order at Amazon Order at HMV Online Order at Anime-on-Line Order at AllTheAnime


With all of the business out of the way, let’s get down to what you’re really here for – your first in-depth look at our Angelic Layer Collector’s Edition. You’ll love it, we promise! Everything you want to see comes after the jump.
To see the full-size version of any of the images below, simply click on the image in question.

So there you have it – another classic series that we know is beloved by many UK fans, given the Blu-ray Collector’s Edition treatment it inarguably deserves. We hope you share our feelings of impressed excitement at this release, and that you’re looking forward to adding it to your ever-growing anime collection from Monday, 24th September 2018!

Until next time, take care!

~ Andy H

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