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Image from iOS (54)Many moons ago you’ll recall that we were the first English speaking territory to embark on bring the film trilogy celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the one of most popular franchises in anime, Code Geass: LeLouch of the Rebellion, to Blu-ray with the release of the first film “Initiation”.

Admittedly it was quite a wait before the second and third films would receive their respective Blu-ray releases (Sorry!), with Film II: Transgression and Film III: Glorification being released late last year and a few weeks ago (at time of writing) respectively.

Today we’re bringing you an unboxing of the second film – we’ll have an unboxing of Film III later in the week for you.

For reference you can see a full unboxing of our release of the first film “Initiation” HERE.


Product: Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion II: Transgression
Format: Blu-ray Ltd Collector’s Edition
Release date: 9th December 2019
Cat. No.: ANI0344
Suggested Retail Price: £34.99

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To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the franchise in Japan, three films were created that condense the story of the two seasons of the TV series and additionally add brand-new footage included as well.

The first film in the series, Initiation, was screened in cinemas by ourselves in early 2018 and then released on Blu-ray towards the end of the same year. And then in late 2019 and early 2020 the second film Transgression and third film Glorification were released on Blu-ray respectively.

You can watch the trailer for the first film below –

And here’s a clip from the first film too –


Synopsis: This updated theatrical presentation of SUNRISE’s classic mech-infused series continues with the thrilling second instalment of the saga.

Having racked up numerous miraculous victories against the odds in his quest to end their tyrannical reign across the globe, Lelouch Lamperouge – via his anonymous public persona of Zero – has shocked the  empire of Britannia to its core. From humble beginnings, Zero is now the leader of the Black Knights, an increasingly powerful para-military organisation with the equipment and tactical nous to match even Britannia’s finest.

However, there are still plenty of hurdles in Lelouch’s path… not least close friend turned rival Suzaku Kururugi, whose own abilities also appear to be reaching their zenith. With more unexpected arrivals and appearances as the conflict between Britannia and the Black Knights intensifies, the ability of Lelouch to navigate this increasingly complex game of chess – and the sacrifices he’s willing to make – will be tested to the limit.


Code Geass II: Transgression - coming to Blu-ray on 18th November 2019

With the second film in the trilogy, we kept with the theme that began with our release of the first first film! So it comes packaged in a rigid case (pictured left) and inside that you’ll find an Amaray case housing the Blu-ray disc, and additionally inside that you’ll find 8 art cards depicting a mixture of moments from the film as well as some of the great art created for it. And if that wasn’t enough, there’s even an A3-sized poster featuring the awesome artwork from the rigid case.

As was the case with the first film, the only language option on this set is Japanese with English subtitles. The reason for this is that although the original TV series was dubbed into English, this film trilogy was not.

You can see a full visual of this set below –

Code Geass II: Transgression - coming to Blu-ray on 18th November 2019
Code Geass II: Transgression – Blu-ray Ltd Collector’s Edition


And so we come to pictures of the actual product itself! You can on them to enlarge them if you want.

And with all that being said, that concludes the unboxing for Code Geass Film II: Transgression. Stay tuned for a full unboxing of the Film III: Glorification later this week.

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