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Image from iOS (63)It’s been a long time coming but finally the wait is over as the first instalment in the third and final season of Tokyo Ghoul:re is available to add to your collection now! It’s available as a Blu-ray Ltd. Collector’s Edition set and on regular DVD.

Today this post will be focusing on bringing you an unboxing of the Blu-ray Ltd. Collector’s Edition set specifically, but if you’re not familiar with the third season chances are there’ll be some useful information in this post for you either way.


Product: Tokyo Ghoul: re – Part 1 
Format: Blu-ray Collector’s Edition, Standard Edition DVD
Release date: 13th January 2020
Cat. No.: ANI0475 (Collector’s BD) / ANI0476 (DVD)
Suggested Retail Price: £59.99 (Collector’s BD), £29.99 (DVD)

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*There’s an exclusive bonus item included in the Ltd. Collector’s Edition Blu-ray set when order from our online shop! Read on below for details.


©Sui Ishida/Shueisha, Tokyo Ghoul:re Production Committee
©Sui Ishida/Shueisha, Tokyo Ghoul:re Production Committee

The third season of Tokyo Ghoul moves forward in a direction that some might not expect, with their having been a two year gap in the story from what you last saw, leaving mysteries (and memories) to be uncovered, a wealth of new characters to get acquainted with that leads you into an all out battle that will pit the CCG against the Ghouls! It’s the action-packed next chapter you’ll be chomping at the bit to get your hands on!

Synopsis: “Two years have passed since the CCG carried out their raid on Anteiku, marking an unmistakable change to the atmosphere across Tokyo as a result of this show of strength. However, rather than eradicating ghouls, the city’s supernatural denizens have simply become more cautious in going about their lives, while terrorist organisation Aogiri Tree seeks to grow in strength with the aim of rising to combat the CCG’s growing threat to the very existence of ghouls.

In a final push to investigate and exterminate Tokyo’s unwanted elements, the CCG has created a special unit – the Quinx Squad, an unruly team of humans who use the special abilities of ghouls to fight. At the head of this squad is an oddly familiar face: Haise Sasaki, a young man struggling with both a new identity and the difficult nature of his new teammates. It’s a problem made all the more difficult as his investigations begin to stir long-lost memories that could change everything for him…

You can watch some preview clips from this below  –

#1 – A lot’s happened in the world prior to the events of Tokyo Ghoul:re. Haise Sasaki of the CCG has some concerns about his “former self” from a life he doesn’t remember…

#2 – In Tokyo Ghoul:re you’ll become acquainted with Quinx Squad. They’re Ghoul Investigators, but with special abilities! Here’s an introduction to some of the team in action!

#3 – The Quinx Squad encounter an S-Rated ghoul and it’s got to the point where Haise’s “former self” needs to take control. But is there a link to the past life Haise doesn’t remember and this ghoul?


Of course, it goes without saying that Tokyo Ghoul: re received our usual Blu-ray Collector’s Edition treatment, including an additional bonus for you dedicated fans of the series who order through our own AllTheAnime.com online store!

Tokyo Ghoul: re - Part 1 Collector's Edition Blu-ray
Tokyo Ghoul: re – Part 1 Collector’s Edition Blu-ray

As you can see, we opted to use a fantastic key visual (featuring the Quinx Squad) from the first half of the series as our main illustration for this set, but naturally things get really interesting when we take a get inside this Collector’s Edition Blu-ray release for part one of the series.

As is a tradition with our Collector’s Edition releases at this point, the rigid case you’ll find a digipack that will show off more art from the series, more specifically characters that you’ll become very acquainted with when watching the show. The digipack will house two Blu-ray discs included in this set. Also inside the rigid case case you’ll find a 36-page booklet, that guides you in detail through the myriad characters (and their weapons) which you’ll encounter throughout the series. Plus it also compiles a host of artwork created for the series complete with information on the publications where they were first featured. It’s a great guide to the faces and factions of Tokyo Ghoul: re, so be sure to have a look when you get your hands on it! (Do be warned though that the descriptions of characters may contain spoilers for what happens during episodes includes on this set – as it’s material translated from the original Japanese releases of the series.)

But that’s not all! This Collector’s Edition also makes further good use of the plethora of character artwork available to provide you with a series of five artcards. Then, as if that enough, we have a set of five adorable stickers featuring the major characters in a super-deformed style for you to keep or proudly display wherever you might wish to apply them.

Check out the visual for this Collector’s Edition set below –

Inside our Tokyo Ghoul: re Part 1 Collector's Edition Blu-ray!
Inside our Tokyo Ghoul: re Part 1 Collector’s Edition Blu-ray!

“Those stickers are so cute, but I just wish there were more of them!” I hear some of you cry. Which is why, if you order this Collector’s Edition direct from our AllTheAnime.com online store, you’ll receive this exclusive bonus item:

Tokyo Ghoul: re - Part 1 Collector's Edition - AllTheAnime.com shop exclusive bonus stickers
Tokyo Ghoul: re – Part 1 Collector’s Edition – AllTheAnime.com shop exclusive bonus stickers

That’s right, while stocks last purchasers at our AllTheAnime.com store will receive an additional set of five stickers, giving you ten stickers in total to play with to your heart’s content! You can salute us for this if you like, or simply let these stickers do the talking for you.


So we’ve talked at length about what we had planned, and now we (finally) come to photos of the actual product! Check them out below. Also worth mentioning you can click on them to enlarge them too!

And that concludes this unboxing of Tokyo Ghoul:re Part 1! We hope you’re looking forward to adding this to your collection.

For those wondering, there’ll be some news on Part 2 coming very soon. Stay tuned!

Signing out~!


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