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It can take a while for a plan to come to fruition even if you’re a renowned master thief like Lupin, and the same is very much true of anime distributors – there’s a lot to be considered, planned and produced before we can bring a release into your hands. It’s invariably always worth the wait though, and that’s certainly the case today, as we can finally bring you details of our English dub release edition of Lupin the 3rd Part IV (aka Lupin the 3rd: The Italian Adventure).

As you may recall, we released the Japanese, English subtitled edition of this terrific series back in May of last year, but due to the unique circumstances of its production we couldn’t include both the English dub edition and the Japanese language version on a single set of discs. It’s an unusual state of affairs which we know baffled some of you, so before we begin let’s recap why we’re releasing the English language edition of Lupin the 3rd Part IV separately to the previous Japanese language release.


lupin Part 4_screenshot

  • When the series originally aired, it premiered first in Italy, not in Japan. It came to light later on that there were particular video materials used for the Italian broadcast that differ to the materials used in the Japanese broadcast, when the series later aired in Japan.


  • When the series was dubbed into English, the dub was created utilising the Italian broadcast video assets, not the Japanese broadcast video assets. This meant that there were differences between the two.


“Why is this is a problem?” you ask. To give some context, when you select audio options on other anime Blu-rays, both the English and Japanese audio are timed to match with the video materials. This is why it’s easy to switch between the two. But in this case, because there are differences between the two versions in terms of video footage it was simply not possible to include both language options on a single Blu-ray release.

As we previously promised, we’ll be providing a very special offer to anyone who previously ordered our Japanese language Collector’s Edition release of the series from our store or from our stand at events if you’d also like to own this new English language edition – we have all of the details on how to partake in this offer further down the page, so read on!

So, with that information fresh in your mind, let’s talk about…




As previously announced at the time of our Collector’s Edition Blu-ray release, this English language collection of Lupin the 3rd Part IV is coming straight to Standard Edition Blu-ray, so without further ado let’s dig in and take a look at the release, starting with our first look at how it’ll appear on your shelf.

ANI0318 Lupin 3rd Part IV BD-standard_3D

As noted, this English language edition arrives as a Standard Edition Blu-ray, with the 26 episodes of which it comprises spread over three BD-50 Blu-ray discs, all of which are contained in the Amaray case that you see above which also features a reversible sleeve design.

Needless to say, all of these are episodes are presented in English stereo audio only, with a sign subtitle track, while these discs also feature a handful of bonus materials: An interview with ADR Directors Richard Epcar and Ellyn Stern, TV edit openings, and a series of “Roll Call” animations.

No doubt your next question at this point is “where and when can I buy it?” Well, firstly, this English Language Collection of Lupin the 3rd Part IV will be released on 17th June 2019 with an SRP of £39.99, and we’re taking pre-orders for this title right now at our own store – if you want to order, you can do so using that oh-so tempting button below (where our existing Japanese language Collector’s Edition is also still available).

Now, when we originally announced our plans around the series, it was our intention to make this English language edition exclusive to our own store, but on reflection we’ve ultimately decided that this is a release that should be available to as many people as possible, and so we’ve made the decision to make it available trade-wide across all of the regular retail channels. Of course, our offer to those who purchased the Collector’s Edition remains exclusive to our own store and events, but beyond that anyone can buy and enjoy this release.


Lupin III Pt4 screenshot 3As we announced at the time of our Collector’s Edition release in May 2018, if you’ve purchased that Collector’s Edition (subtitle-only) Blu-ray version of this series from our web shop, or bought it from the AllTheAnime stand at any event we’ve exhibited at directly, you are eligible for a discount on purchasing this Standard Edition Blu-ray. This offer will remain open as long as the Collector’s Edition is available and in stock at our store, so even if you haven’t picked up the series yet you can still do so and get the English language version at a reduced price!

Thus, if you have already bought the Lupin the 3rd Part IV Collector’s Edition from, or do so in the future, you will be entitled to purchase a single copy of the standard edition English language Blu-ray for only £10. If you have indeed previously ordered that product from us, you should already have received an e-mail with instructions on how to redeem this offer, so check your mailbox post haste!


  • This offer will only be available to anyone who purchases the Collector’s Edition (subtitle-only) Blu-ray from our web shop or from the AllTheAnime stand at any event we exhibit at. This DOES NOT AND WILL NOT apply to purchases made at any other retailer (be it online or at an event).
  • Purchasing one copy of the Collector’s Edition (subtitle-only) Blu-ray will entitle you to purchase one copy of the standard edition English language version Blu-ray at the £10 discounted price.
  • If you purchase, or have purchased, the Ltd Collector’s Ed. (subtitled-only) Blu-ray from the AllTheAnime stall at an event, you will need to send an email to that includes a photo showing both your receipt and the purchased product in the same photo. We will then contact you via email once the standard edition dubbed version Blu-ray is ready with further instructions on how to redeem the offer.
  • If you have purchased – or make a future purchase of – the Collector’s Edition release of Lupin the 3rd Part IV from our store, you will receive an e-mail with details of how to purchase the English language edition at the £10 discounted price within 7 days of your purchase.


Lupin III Pt4 screenshot 2To recap that information and give you a handy reference, this F.A.Q. section is mostly here to summarise the above.

— When is the English Language Collection Blu-ray being released?
17th June 2019.

— What language are the episodes on the English language Standard Edition Blu-ray?
These episodes are presented with English stereo audio only – the only subtitle track present on these discs is for an English-translation of on-screen text and signs.

— What’s the SRP of the English language Standard Edition Blu-ray?
The SRP is £39.99. (Obviously, this is before respective retailers apply their own discounts – £39.99 ultimately shouldn’t be the price you pay for it.)

— Why aren’t both language options available in the Ltd Collector’s Ed Blu-ray?
Please read the section above titled “Why we’re releasing a separate English language edition”, as we go into detail there.

— I watch all of my anime with subtitles, what do I do?
Our Collector’s Edition release of the series features Japanese audio and English subtitles, so we’ve got you covered!

— But I want to own both language versions!
We’re offering the dubbed version of the series at a greatly reduced cost to anyone who purchases, or has purchased, the Collector’s Edition (subtitle-only) version from our web shop or from the AllTheAnime stall at an event we exhibit at. Please see the section above for details on our dub “upgrade” scheme!

— Will the series be getting released on DVD at all?
No. It will only be released on Blu-ray only due to lack of demand for a DVD edition of the series.

— Do I need to have seen any other incarnation of Lupin the 3rd to be able to enjoy Part IV?
In short, no. Each incarnation of the franchise, while in the same universe, is very much a self-contained story. So you can jump into this if you’ve never watched any Lupin the 3rd series before, no problem.

— Are the two episodes that were OVAs in Japan included?
Yes, “Venice of the Dead” and “Non Rendezvous” are included on both our Japanese and English language releases.

So there you have it, and long last you can look forward to watching Lupin the 3rd Part IV regardless of what audio presentation you prefer, and we can’t wait for even more of you to get the opportunity to enjoy this series on Blu-ray!

Until next time, take care.

~Andy H

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