Newswire #99 – 10th Feb. 2017

February 10, 2017 · 3 comments

So, it’s been a few weeks since our last Newswire. It’s been incredibly busy at Anime Limited HQ but we wanted to make sure there was an update for you of some kind before the weekend.

As a note, we know a lot of you are wanting to know details about upcoming releases of ours in March. Next week we’re going to have a Newswire that will have a big update when it comes to release date of forthcoming titles of ours. So please keep an eye out for that next week.

Right, with that being said, there’s a lot to get to. So sit back and have a read.


When it comes to upcoming cinema activity from us, we’re currently focusing on A Silent Voice. So our update today will be in relation to that only. But please know Sword Art Online news will be coming within the next few weeks.

A Silent Voice
A Silent Voice

A Silent Voice

Since our last update we know a lot of you have been patiently waiting for more information about when the film will be getting screened in March. Today we can confirm the date for your calendars is Wednesday 15th March. This will be the day you can catch the film in cinemas, though we will add there will be further screening in select cinemas from Friday 17th March.

There will be a dedicated website, similar to the one we had for Your Name screenings, that will correlate all the screening locations and times. We’ll share the details of this site once all is finalised and locked in.


Glasgow Film Festival screening
featuring Q&A Session with Director Naoko Yamada

As announced last week (SEE THIS) the director of A Silent Voice Naoko Yamada will be attending the screening of A Silent Voice at the 2nd biggest film festival in the United Kingdom, the Glasgow Film Festival! GFF for short, on 23rd February.

Book tickets for GFF Screening of A Silent Voice HERE

Following this announcement we want to take the opportunity to highlight a few notes about her appearance as well as lay down some very important ground rules about attending this screening. So have a read of the F.A.Q. below

F.A.Q. on Naoko Yamada’s Appearance at Glasgow Film Festival

     ~ Why is there only one screening with her attending?
This screening has been organised by the Glasgow Film Festival itself and not us (Anime Limited.) So there is only one screening of the film as part of their stacked lineup for the festival in general. Also worth noting that her schedule only permits her to be able to attend this screening.

     ~ Will there be a signing session opportunity with Naoko Yamada?
No there won’t be. This is due to time constraints and the fact that she will have other engagements to attend to that day.

     ~ Will be there be the opportunity to get a photo with Naoko Yamada?
No there won’t be. Again, much like the case with there being no signing session this is due to time constraints and other engagements she will attend to that day.

     ~ I’m attending the screening and Q&A session. Can I record this or take photos?
It’s not often we have to be strict about this when it comes to unique opportunities such as these, but this event will have a strict no audio and/or video recording of any kind during this event. Photography of any kind – including any photos from mobile phones – is strictly prohibited as well.

The reason for this is at the request of Kyoto Animation – and based off experiences of her previous UK appearance at the 2012 Scotland Loves Anime Film Festival.

There will be strict enforcement of these rules and regulations during her appearance. If any attendee is caught or suspected of violating any of these they will be subject to ejection from the event.

     ~ I can’t get to the event. Will this be Q&A be streamed or archived in anyway?
It’s something we’re looking into, but it’s highly unlikely that this event will be able to recorded by ourselves let alone the Glasgow Film Festival. Obviously if we can archive this in any way, we will try our best to do so.



As we mentioned above, with our focus being on A Silent Voice at the moment, there is no update for you when it comes to Sword Art Online. However, please stay tuned as we expect to be able to share concrete info of when are where you can see it in the next few weeks.

In case you missed our last update, you can read that HERE.



~ In case you missed it last week, we’re going to be bringing the series Martian Successor Nadesico to Blu-ray this year! You can read our announcement HERE.

Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam Part 1 – out 20th Feb.

~ This coming Monday (13th February) is a big week for anime fans in the UK as it sees the release of Persona 3: Movie #1 Spring of Birth on Ltd Collector’s Edition Blu-ray+DVD, our standard edition Blu-ray of Blood Lad and there’s also the Zavvi Exclusive Gurren Lagann Ltd Collector’s Edition Blu-ray set.

You can see a full unboxing of our Persona 3: Movie #1 release HERE, and a full unboxing of the Zavvi Exclusive Gurren Lagann set HERE.

~ Looking ahead to the week after, Monday 20th February sees the release of our Escaflowne TV Series Blu-ray set, the Gurren Lagann Movie Collection Blu-ray and (FINALLY!!!!) our release of Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam Part 1 Blu-ray!

~ We know a lot of you are wanting to know what will be coming out in March from us. Currently we’re working our socks off to get a lot of things signed off, so we can’t bring you a complete rundown of what to expect today – this is just simply a case of how it’s worked out. But we will have a Newswire for you next week that will bring you a big update when it comes forthcoming release dates.

~ Speaking of upcoming releases, earlier this week we showed you what to expect from our Persona 3: Movie #2 Midsummer Knight’s Dream release on 13th March. You can read about that and the Early-Bird Pre-order Offer we’re having at our web shop until Tuesday HERE.



So, we have a fair amount of updates relating to Funimation titles for you today. There’s a lot to get through, so here we go.

Fairy Tail Part 11 – out Monday!

~ First of all, Fairy Tail fans the wait is nearly over as Part 11 is out this Monday (13th February). It contains 121-131 with both the English dub and original Japanese audio with subtitles.

~ Now we have news on some change of formats to upcoming releases. Previously Brothers Conflict was to be a Blu-ray+DVD combi pack, and Snow White with the Red Hair Part 1 and Heavy Object Season 1 Part 1 were to both going to have individual Blu-ray and DVD releases, however licensor requirements have meant that would can no longer release DVDs of these titles.

Because of this the DVD versions of Snow White with the Red Hair and Heavy Object that were planned have been cancelled, and the release of Brothers Conflict will now be a Blu-ray only release.

The reason for this is the requirement by the licensor that the DVD is released in PAL. Unfortunately remastering as a PAL for the DVD release has prohibitive costs that, based on the titles involved and the current level of demand, are difficult to absorb, therefore releasing these on DVD is no longer possible. Unless there were extraordinary demand for these titles on DVD it is very unlikely that DVD releases of these would be explored again in the future. We apologise to those of who were looking forward to the DVD releases of these, but to make this crystal clear, Brothers ConflictSnow White with the Red Hair and Heavy Object will be Blu-ray only releases.

If you have pre-ordered Brothers Conflict from our web shop we will be in touch via email over the coming week about your order.

~ With the above in mind, here’s what you can expect in way of Funimation release over the coming month –

— This Monday (13th February)
Fairy Tail Part 11 (DVD)

— 20th February
Yona of the Dawn Part 2 (Blu-ray+DVD combi)
Show By Rock!! Season 1 (Blu-ray+DVD combi)

— 27th February
Mikagura School Suite (Blu-ray+DVD combi)
Fairy Tail Part 12 (DVD)
No-Rin (Blu-ray)
Absolute Duo (Blu-ray+DVD combi)

In our Newswire next week we’ll be able to confirm what you can expect in March!

~ Here’s a glimpse at the finished products of Yona of the Dawn and Show By Rock Season 1 for you!



— Escaflowne Ultimate Edition ‘Disc 3’ Replacements
In case you missed it earlier in the week we made a blog post updating the status of replacement discs for these. You can read that update HERE.




If you’re looking for some good reading material, here’s some features we’ve had on our site over the past few weeks –


And that wraps up this Newswire. As I said, we’ll have another Newswire next week that will give you a rundown of release dates for upcoming titles of ours. So be on the lookout for that.

Signing out~!



  • Avatar for Marco


    February 12, 2017 9:29 am

    Why doesnt Funimation use the masters from Australia to make their PAL releases? If the UK release needs to be in PAL format then Australia as PAL region has that requirement as well or not? The only thing that needs to be changed is the region code from 4 to 2. Or am i talking nonsens?

    • Avatar for jeremy


      February 13, 2017 11:32 am

      Hi Marco, you're not talking nonsense at all. This something that was looked into and while Australia is primarily a PAL based region like here in the U.K., when they released these titles in question they actually utilised NTSC discs for their DVD releases, and not PAL discs. Different circumstances apply to different regions in some cases. Hope this helps. ^JG

      • Avatar for Marco


        February 13, 2017 12:07 pm

        Ok then, with other words, Our Japanse friends have some weird requirements. Besides unless im mistaking, NTSC and PAL nowdays doesnt matter really anymore because of our modern TV's. The quality of image of both formats is like equel. But maybe im just to blind to see the differents haha. Im so glad we dont have thise issues with blu-rays. Blu-ray is jsut blu-ray only the region code needs to be changed.

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